Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some more hunting to do...

Let me start today with the GREAT gown SeldomBlue has put up for just 1 L$ at their Shiraz stall. It is so elegant, the details are great, a perfect gown to go dancing ladies ! The gown is ONLY available at the Shiraz club (Shiraz is also the name of the gown) where SeldomBlue has a tiny stall put up.
But you can always visit their MAINSTORE too, as they have GREAT designs.
And Ashmoot has put new dresses inside their Midnight Mania board and inside their lucky board. WOW They are to die for !!! Jewelry comes with the dresses !

I styled the top of the Ashmoot dress with the cute pants (actually for guys) which I got from the midnight mania board at Thirteen. Shoes are a group gift by Mary Jane shoes (blogged before)
This month there are so many hunts going on that I kept hunting...but I also found some great freebies. Like this elegant necklace and earrings set by Miel, which is a freebie. Isn't that gorgious?
Or this great jewelry set which is the new group gift by Virtual Impressions.
My friend Jara, owner and designer of Aidoru, has designed a GREAT elegant necklace. It comes with a color hud so you can change the metal AND the gems in any way you like it. I am showing you just a few options.
The necklace is called VENUS and it is for sale for just 220 L$ at Aidoru ladies !
The lovely earrings with snow crystals inside on the pic below are the gift in HCXXXH hunt at SPLASH. Find the hunt item (a candy cane with a bow) and they are yours :)
SPLASH is also participating in the FWH (For Whatever Hunt, find the big W) and inside this big W you can find this cute piggy necklace.
The next earrings are also a gift in the FWH and if you find the W at LouLou you get these great earrings.
Then I went back to Aidoru and I found the hunt item from the FWH there too. Inside is a very nice ring for the male hunters and these cute glasses for the female hunters.
Over to Thirteen. They are also participating in the HCXXXH hunt and if you find the candy cane with the bow there you get this sexy underwear present. The cute hair is by Chichickie, blogged yesterday.
Thirteen is also participating in the FWH and inside their W they put this lovely black blouse.
Another great gift is this top & pants set by J-Stylez. To get it you have to find the big W at their store, which is the hunt item from the FWH (For Whatever Hunt).
G-Series is also participating in the FWH and they have put this great top inside their W. The tight black jeans are by HOC Industries, so are the sneakers on this blog and the flats on this blog.
These next tops are also a gift in the FWH. You can find them at Kennedy's and you have to look for the big W.
And this cute top is by Piccara and it is also a gift in the FWH. Isn't this a great top to wear ?
Find the W at Asteria Creations and you can add this sexy white outfit to your inventory. I love the naughty breast piece which you can leave off too.
Another sexy gift inside the W can be found at Devlish design. WOW that is a daring outfit ladies. Go get that W if you want to wear it.
The last one for today is by Urban Republic. They put this white and pink outfit inside their W from the FWH. Perfect for those colder winter evenings :)

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