Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lets talk about gowns...

After the latex yesterday I just had the urge to slip into a gown and make a quite different blog today. So I went to Purple Moon. They have the most lovely gowns and they also have this great 11.000 member gift (which I blogged before). But today I am showing you the lovely group gift they have...this great purple cocktail dress. I am wearing the 11.000 members gift with the gown, a lovely jewelry set. The gown is available at the store, the jewelry is in notices.

The next gown is a gioft in the New Beginnings Hunt at Orchid Lotus & Moondance. You have to find a glass of champagne at the store to get this lovely gown ladies.
And this gown is also a gift in the NBH. You have to find the glass of champagne at Dressed by Lexi to get this great gown.
And while you are at Dressed by Lexi don't forget to pick up the great group gift they have in store !
You could wear the great gift Gingers Goodies has hidden inside the glass of champagne at their store :) Great make up...and the hair is the subscribo gift by Chichickie, called Diana. The hair is color change just by touching it and the streaks are color change too.
The hair and make up are also great to wear with the lovely dress you can find in the NBH at Evolve. Look for the glass of champagne ladies ! Poses by Diesel Works Animations.
The next gown is by LNL Square and it is hidden inside the glass of champagne at their store. You can also wear just the top as a sexy outfit. I love the red color and I love the very nice detailling.

Another lovely gown is the one Before Sleep has put inside their glass of champagne. It is a mesh dress, but it look great. The poses are by Diesel Works Animations.

This gown is a more Victorian one, but you can also wear it in a more sexy way. It is the gift from the lucky chair at AdeleArt Manor Fashion.
Another gift from the lucky chair at AdeleArt Manor fashion is this gown. Actually it is a complete avatar, but I am not showing you the skin and shape.
AdeleArt Manor Fashion is also participating in the NBH. If you find the glass of champagne at their store you will get this latex outfit (oh my still a latex outfit on this elegant blog).
Then I went to Naughty Naughty and I found the glass of champagne there. Inside was this lovely dress. Perfect for a party but also very nice to wear if you go shopping.
These cute sequin dresses are hidden inside the glass of champagne at Sleeping Koala. You get a silver and a gold one if you find the glass of champagne ladies.
Another cute dress is this one by LC Salamander Aviation. It is their gift in the New Beginnings Hunt and all you have to do is find the glass of champagne and not get drunk...
And Eclectic gives you this fun dress IF you find the glass of champagne at the store. Give it a go ladies, hunting isn't that hard :)
Just one more dress...or is it a dress? You can wear it to go clubbing ! It is a gift at Soedara.

To style these great dresses and gowns you could get the new released skins by Essences. They come in 4 skin tones and with many many make up styles and they are perfect.
The hair I am wearing with the Essences skins is by Tameless and it is called DORI. It is also a new release and the hair is color change.

Or you could wear these great shoes by Mary Jane Shoes with the dresses and gowns. They had 6 lucky chairs at the store, but I do not know if they still are there. I got the color change pack from the lucky chairs. Ofcourse you can also buy them at the store. The name is Euphoric brights/black.
Or you could go for the new released shoes by Loordes of London (NOT FREE).They are called Stratford pumps.