Sunday, January 15, 2012

Group gifts, new releases and some more hunting to do....

Ohhh I got so many new group gifts today, like this GREAT dress by Bliss Couture. It is their Chinese New Year dress and it is lovely ! There is also a Chinese scarf as a group gift at the store.

The next group gift is the one by 22769. WOW...I love this outfit. An elegant green blouse, comfy pants, perfect for an afternoon shopping or a walk with the dog. Or both? The gift is unisex, male size items are included. Booties by BabyMonkey. The bag is an older freebie from Style Academie.
22769 also has a new outfit for guys and gals for the TGGS cycle. I am showing you the female one, the male one is about the same but just in male size. I styled it with an older lucky chair item by Mezzo (the necklace), flats by HOC Industries and the cute bag which was a lucky chair item  by *M*G*S* a long time ago.
If you are wondering by now where on earth I got this GREAT color change hair I am wearing I will whisper in your ear that it is the new 10 K subscribo gift by CHICHICKIE !!! WOW I love that hair ! There is also a male version as a gift, I tried it on ...but..ermm..ah is male hair after all...
CONGRATULATIONS Chichickie and thank you !!!

Purple Moon is celebrating their 11K members and WOW they send out this great set to the group members. I love the purple and gold combination of this great necklace and earrings set. Congratulations Purple Moon and thank you :)
As for a new release: Viviane Fashion makes the BEST sneakers and high tops by far! I have been buying (yes you read that right...) their sneakers ever since I found them. And Viviane has released new ones! You can get the new version or the worn version, which is GREAT! Showing you the aqua ones, the jeans blue ones and the pink ones in both versions.

The For Whatever Hunt (FWH, you have to find a W at the stores) is still running and I still had not finished it. So today I just hunted and YAY...ended the hunt !
I found this cute red dress at Retro and I styled it with the necklace I found at Diamond. They both are a gift in the FWH and all you have to do is find the W at the stores.
This next dress is also red and also sexy and it is the gift Silhouette has put insid etheir W. I also am showing you the MALE gift they put in the same W. So go hunting for that W ladies.

There are some goodies you can find, like this warm jacket with the sexy pants. You have to find the W at [[721]] to get this outfit !
And Voluptia is also participating in the FWH and they have put this great lingerie set nside their W. Take your partner to find the W ladies...
The last item from the FWH was the one I found at Hooligan Streetwear. You get these piercings if you find the W at their store.
Then I stopped at Brandy Boutique. They have these lovely pyjamas as a gift at their store and they come in 2 varieties.

Actually I was at Brandy Boutique because I wanted to start the New Beginnings Hunt (find a glass of champagne), but instead I found the gold bar for the Silver & Gold hunt. Inside I found this cute outfit in 2 colors, shoes are included.

But YAY I did find the glass of champagne for the New Beginnings Hunt (NBH). And this sexy dress was inside ! The shoes are also included. Brandy Boutique ladies.
More of this hunt tomorrow :)