Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes it is another SKINS blog. You know I am a skin addict (and a shoe addict, and a hair addict) so every few days you will get a skin, hair or shoe explosion on this blog. This time it is skins again.
I found so many nice ones, like this lovely skin by Damned Bodyshop. It is a gift in the Make Her Over Hunt (find the international female sign). Love the hearts on the cheeks and the open lips.

Another skin I found is by Reila skins  in the SOS Hunt, this one.
Shine has a new release skin. Lovely skins with a cry baby one too. The skin is called Candy.
I went to Shine to check the Candy skin and guess what? I was the 8000 visitor and Love Foxdale granted me a present from her store ! WOW I got a special Edition skin and an Amor skin ! Thank you so much Love :)

The next skins are by Katsuicide. They have a few new releases too. (NOT FREE)
Skintimate has lovely skins. Each time I am surprised how good their skins are and how much I like them. These ones are special. The first one, Angelina, is on their lucky board at the MAINSTORE. The Angelina special edistion is at the 75 L$ store and is (ofcourse) 75 L$. Diamond Dust is also available at the 75 L$ STORE and is a gift there.
The next skin is from the midnight mania boards at Elite shapes & skins. They have 4 boards, on one is a 300 L$ gift card. Two others have a skin inside and one has a pink top.

This skin is the september gift at BeautyCode. Join the group and click the board :) The skin is called Liz.
Shapes are also gifts in many hunts. This next shape is by D&B Tattoos and shapes and it is a gift in the MHOH (Make Her Over Hunt). Find the international female sign to get this shape.
Another gift, 2 shapes, is also from the MHOH. You can find the international female sign at Alter Ego shapes.
Tamiron Forge also has a shape hidden inside the international female sign, the name of the shape is Sassy.
Then I found some tattoos as hunt gifts. Both are from the MHOH (find the international female sign). The first one is a lovely arm tattoo on both arms by Urban Republic.
The next one is are two chest tattoos by Sweet Sin.
Elite Shapes & Skins doesn't only give away gifts on their Midnight Mania boards, they also participate in the MHOH hunt and if you find the female sign at their shop you get this lovely make-up.
What would we be with just a skin and no hair or eyes?
Amacci perfectly understood we women need HAIR and lovely eyes. So they are giving a great gift away in the Four Seasons Butterfly hunt, hair and eyes YES!
Find the butterfly ladies.

Amacci also has a gift in store, a fatpack with the lovely Adena hair. (just showing you the hair in red)
Last one, also from the Four Seasons Butterfly hunt: Lovely hair by Mina. Find the butterfly at Minas store '- it is VERY hard to see, so zoom in - and dont forget to look for the basket with a gift on the floor (blogged yesterday)