Friday, September 16, 2011

Take a walk on my wild side.

Yes today it's all about my wild side. That is: I will show you animal print outfits :) And a few other wildish outfits too :)
Let me start with something naughty, white leopard lingerie. Hmmm so sexy ! This set is by Secret Affairs. 1 L$ do they charge for this great set.

I styled the setwith cute booties in white leopard by The Mix.
I found some more leopard lingerie, this time in pink. It is by Faded Ink and the set is called Burlesque lingerie. 1 L$ for this set too.

Another sexy set is the tankini set by KKBB. Great print on it *giggles*, called Cheetah.
Then I started to look for dresses. I found this RBB Wild Side outfit with a leopard print. It is fun and it is sexy :)
Another nice dress with longer sleeves and again a leopard print is by AB. Simple nice dress to wear every day.
Then I found this lovely dress, called Tunika Tiger :) I love it. elegant enough to go out dancing. The necklace is also free and you can find it here.
I found some pretty wild hair too. Both styles are by Rock Candy. The first one is called Bill and it's a fatpack in all colors.

And this one is calle Murret and this is also a fatpack in all colors.
And then I got stuck as I couldn't find anything for free with an animal print. But more thing...yes I found some great sneakers by SMD.
I am wearing these cute sneakers with the Brandi outfit by Lady J. You have to pay 1 L$ for this GREAT outfit girls and she has many 1 L$ outfits at her store on Marketplace.
Couldn't resist to get another sexy wild outfit by Lady J. This one is called Janet and it is a sexy short skirt with a top. 1 L$ for this outfit.

I styled this outfit with the great bangles I found at PM Delight. They also have the bangles in more colors, all free. There is an option to wear them all at once or seperately so you can design your own set of bangles.
And I am wearing the great heels by Je t'aime with this outfit. But you can also wear the sexy red heels by PURE with the skirt and top.

The PURE shoes would go great with the next dress but this one comes WITH shoes. It is by Mimi's Boutique and actually a christmas gift, but I think it looks very much like Heidi ...
Mimi's Boutique also has this cute dress for your wilder side in store. She called it Enfant Terrible, I wonder why? The white pearls are also free and you can find them HERE.
Pinkie also has 2 very cute dresses which are a bit naughty too. The first one is called Daisy hot pink dress and Pinkie charges you 1 L$ to wear this cute yet sexy thingy.
The other one at Pinkie is called Angelic and I think that is a wonderfull dress to finish this wild side blog with. Comes with the bangles and the shawl.

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