Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lazy sunday afternoon

On this lazy sunday afternoon I didn't feel much like shopping. But I did anyway and I found you quite a lot of nice stuff ;) Let me start with the great new September group gift by Furore. I love the shorts and the top :)
This lovely dress is by The Secret Shelf. It is from their Midnight Mania board (the hair is a group gift by Heart Softens, will b e blogged later).
Then I found a few great lucky chairs, these were at !GO shop and I got this great boho dress there and a lovely top.

The next ones were lucky boards at Bubblez. As you know I have been there before, but I didn't get the lovely Watermelon dress before (comes WITH watermelon shoes and a piece in your mouth) and I also got the lovely top.

Talking about cute shoes? These were on the lucky chairs at DUH. Lovely red flats with flower on them and great white boat shoes.
The next cute booties are from the Midnight Mania board at Skifia.
I got some more shoes at Lazuri, they are actually boots and they are a group gift. Joining the Lazuri group is free and you get not only the boots as a gift but also a lovely pearl necklace and earrings set.

On the next pic are some more group gifts: bracelet, rings, earrings and a belly peircing.
And this great set is a gift on the Midnight Mania board at Lazuri!
I found some more cute free necklaces at Yellow Brick Road.
And this cute Lego necklace is by Sumomo but you have to wait till your letter appears on their lucky chair ;)
Salire has a GREAT dollarbie at their store. It is a fall outfit, sweater and skirt...but very nice :) I wish though Fall will stay away for a while longer :) The cute white bag is from the lucky chairs at DUH.
This outfit is a new release by Lemania Indigo. You have to look for a big A and pay 10 L$ to grab it. Comes with the shoes :)
There are lucky chairs at the store too.

More free items? The next ones are from the lucky boards at Tainted. WOW I love the schoolgirl outfit. Comes with glasses and shoes :)

Rhetoric also has some mm boards and YAY I got this sexy mini dress and the red top...both from their midnight mania boards.

And Boof has this great PARTY !! outfit as a new release (not free)

The last one for today is a GREAT belt bag by I <3 Fashion. It is so detailed and so very nice made that I really wanted to show it to you. It is not free, made for the Grunge Project where designers make special creations up to a 100 L$. The cute sunglasses are also by I <3 Fashion :) (not free).