Friday, September 2, 2011

Hunts and other free stuff

The ABBH hunt has started (American Bazaar Birthday Hunt - you can find the BLOG here). Look what you get if you find the hunt item at 22769. WOW I love that red cocktail dress :) I styled it with the Midnight Mania item at Ganked, lovely necklace and bracelet set called Pink Mistress.
Another gift in the ABBH hunt is by Lucca. I styled their top also with a freebie by Ganked, called Something old, a lovely pearl necklace.
The top is a new release by Lucca, look below :)
Acid & Mala are also participating in the ABBH ...and you get these items if you find the hunt items at their store. A sexy tank, cute shorts and GREAT socks which you can wear up or down or one up and one down :). The red high tops are by Viviane on Marketplace (10 L$)
Another shop that is participating in the ABBH hunt is BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). If you find the hunt item there this very sexy dress in magenta is yours and it comes WITH the shoes YAY! It is also released in a lot of very nice colors, showing you the red one too. The outfit is called Celebration.

BDR also has another great new release, called Attraction and it comes in black and white, also with shoes :)

Saschas design has a hunt too, an in store hunt. You have to look for 6 boxes, which you can buy for 10 L$ each, and in each box is a part of this LOVELY gown :) WOW! The gown is called Malicious and it is a brand new color of this gown. It will be on sale soon for those who do not like to hunt.
Saschas design also has a new release: a very sexy gown called Draakje. It is not free, but it is a GREAT sexy gown. Comes in black, white and red.

22769 is also participating in the Steam hunt and this is what you get if you find the hunt item at their dependance at Mieville.
And this is what you get if you find the hunt item at 22769 in the Steam hunt.
After all this hunting I went to Natural and they have 4 lucky boards, but not in the same place allas. You can find the lucky boards with the hair item HERE and the ones with the shoes HERE. The shoes are color change.

On the floor in the part where the shoe lucky board is you can also find a lot of freebies, this elegant short and long dress, the bags around your neck and the lovely rainy day earrings.


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