Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dresses..or gowns?

Well today I am just going to start with the GREAT hair ChiChickie has in their subscribo. WOW I love this hair, called Ellie, it is so cute and so much me...There is also a hughe fatpack sale going on, each fatpack of the new releases is just 95 L$.
The dress I am wearing with the cute ChiChickie hair is by Hucci and it is also a subscribo gift.
I just couldn't take this hair off, so I am also wearing it with the gift American Bazaar has put up in the TOF (Taste of Fruit) hunt. The tattoo comes with the dress.
And this shirt is by Furore. On October 1st is pink ribbon day and Furore has this shirt as a gift on that day. What a great way to show you are concerned about breast cancer.
The next dress is by Candy Crunchers and it is free. A lovely blue summer dress but also wearable as a cocktail dress.
I went to the Four Seasons sim. They have a hunt for butterlfies going on and almost all the shop are participating in this hunt. Find the butterfly at the stores, but also take a good look around, because most shops have a special at their store. This might be a gift or a dollarbie, or a sale.
The first shop I went to was Paris Metro. I simply love their design and they have this cute fall dress in a dark amber hidden inside the butterfly.
Rose has put up 2 lovely gifts at the back of the store: a set of sexy lingerie.
And this lovely gown, called Paris by Night. You can wear it short or long, so elegant and perfect for every sophisticated lady.

Paris Metro is also participating in the Runway Perfect hunt. This hunt starts on october 1st but she gave me a sneak preview on what she has put up for ladies and gents :)

The hunt that is still going on at Paris Metro is the C is for Carnival hunt (find the small circus tent). I blogged the lovely red gown that is hidden in the orange tent before, but there is also a blue one and inside that one is this GREAT jewelry set.
Just for the fun of it I will show you one of Paris Metro newest releases. The gown is called Take a flight.
Another great jewelry set is by Milady. They have a few lucky boards at the store and also lots of midnight mania boards. The jewelry (butterfly necklace set and the lovely bracelets) are both from the Midnight Mania boards.

There are a few more gowns in the shops at the Four Season sim. Like this lovely dress by Lady Mor.
Or like this lovely gown by Marianelas art of Fashion. I must admit that I do not know why one of the panels of the skirt didn´t rez. Maybe I had too much lag. Maybe the dress has a fault. I have no clue. But it is a GREAT dress, very 50th.
The next shop was Glamour style and they had this lovely red and black dress hidden inside the butterfly at their store.
A lot of the poses I am using today are a gift by TRAM. They have a few more gifts at their store. but I really love the poses. Thank you so much TRAM !
The other gifts are these lovely flats and a cute small black bag.

The last one for today is a sale item from Poised. I love it because it is naughty but if you want it too you have to pay 50 L$ for this outfit.


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