Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Car accident and the Jewelry Fair

Today I was in a car accident, someone bumped my car from behind. It took me a lot of time to sort it all out and I don't feel too well, so the blog will be short ...only hair, jewelry and skins today..sorry.
The hair is by Alli & Ali and you can find the group gifts and voting gifts at their MAINSTORE. There are also male group and voting gifts available.
There is a special action at Alli & Ali: if you are a group member you get a 50 % refund if you buy anything from their ACTION wall.
The next hair is all on Marketplace as a gift for the time being. I love this hair, it is called Ananya.
And this one is Felicia.
This hair is called Trisha.
Last hair is called Untouchable :)
These skins are a group gift by Akeruka. Joining is free, but the skin is 1 L$. The Maori tattoos come with the skin. There is also a male skin as a group gift available. THANKS Jara for the tip :)
The next skin is a 10 L$ skin by Skintimate.
And now over to the jewelry :) As I am a girl I love bling bling :)
This first set is a group gift by Dryad Design. It is their 9000 member gift if I recall correctly :) Join group and check notices.
And this lovely set is the new group gift at Virtual Impressions.
This next green diamond set is by Lazuri and it is a gift in the On the hunt hunt (find the magnifying glass).
I found this (older) group gift at the new mainstore by Finesmith.
BeautyCode has a GREAT new release in their store, earrings in ALL kind of colors :) I love the bright ones but they also come in white, black and brown shades. 99 L$ per pair.
And then there is the Jewlry Fair. A lot of GREAT designers are taking part in this fair and some have a GREAT gift for the visitors. Like GANKED, they are giving away this great set. THANKS Blondie for the TP.
Or Star Kindlers Design, they have a lovely set for free at their stand at the Jewelry Fair.
Also at the Jewelry Fair is MIA. Mia has a bat and a spider collection as a gift at their stand. Both have a necklace, earrings and bracelets.

The next gift is by Alaska Metro and isn't this lovely? Very elegant earrings :)
These earrings are by IT jewelry and they are also from teh Jewelry Fair. They are called Matchstick earrings :)
Another gift from the Jewelry Fair is this set by Artistry (or Mine, not sure what the shop is called). You get all jewelry shown below !

Amaranthus has this lovely brooch for you as a gift on the Jewelry Fair. It attaches to 3 different spots.
This next set is by Elemental Design and it is NOT FREE. You can find it at their mainstore. This set comes in many colors (actually I have no clue how much it is, I just liked it very much).


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