Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stunning gowns and some more stuff...

Morea has a new group gift ladies, a lovely black gown which shows lot of leg. You have to be in the group to get it, but it is STUNNING!

Another very elegant gown can be found in the ABBH hunt at Emas Secret. Find the cupcake that is hidden at the store and this gown is yours.

I found yet another gown in the ABBH hunt (find the pink cupcake) and this one can be found at ArtMeFashion. You can wear it as a gown but also as a top and pants set. Both very elegant.
The very elegant necklace is by Ragdolls and also a present in the ABBH hunt IF you find the cupcake.

Not all gowns are black. What do you think about this lovely blue gown which is hidden inside the cupcake at IC (Illy Creations). The cupcakes aren't that hard to find ladies, so why not give it a chance and also take a look around, the shops are top designer shops and worth to go back to.

This next gown is by Sweet Antidote and it is a golden gown. It is called MissQwerty. You have to find the pink cupcake from the ABBH to get this lovely golden gown.

Yet another lovely dress this time is hidden at Adored in the pink cupcake. I love this sexy elegant dress, the blue color is vibrant and the white lace parts are so very nicely made. Can you see yourself go dancing in this dress?

The dress that is made by Alexohol is also a very elegant dress. I love the soft colors. I styled this dress with the pearls that can be found in the cupcake at Acide. The Alexohol dress is also from the ABBH hunt (find the cupcake).

To wear with these dresses and gowns you should hop over to JD Designz. They have hidden this black and pearl necklace inside their cupcake !

This cute dress is fun and sexy and it is by FBC. Find the cupcake (I don't know how many times I said this now) and you can wear this dress. The shoes are as always by BabyMonkey.

Be Happy has this very sexy purple dress in their cupcake. WOW I love that little sexy thing ;) You can style this dress with the cute shoes you will find inside the cupcake at DUH.

Another elegant outfit is by Ange. It is a blouse and pants but it is perfect for a fall party. Find the cupcake at Ange ladies:) The necklace is the Ragdolls one (blogged above).

Peer has hidden a lovely harem outfit in their cupcake. Perfect for those intimate moments together ...for a sexy dance in a club...or just to wear for fun.
I want to show you some perfect hairdos I found in the ABBH hunt. The first ones are by Alli & Ali and you get 3 hairstyles in one cupcake :)
The next hairdos are by Adones. You get all 3 colors if you find the cupcake at their store.

What else is there to blog? The lovely face tattoos by White widow are also hiden in a cupcake and perfet to wear on a night at the town. Very sexy and you get 4 colors :)

Or you can wear the great skin Censored has hidden inside their cupcake.

If you don't like the Censored skin maybe the skin by Reila which is also hidden in a cupcake is perfect for you? Look at the special make up.

That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!