Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mix Mix Mix

This blog will be a mix of things I had left in my inventory. The first outfit and room is by 22769. It is their gift in the Disco Ball hunt (find the mirror ball) and you get also a male outfit. The room is animated and you can see me doing the Saturday Night Fever dance, losten to the record, relax in the chair and dance some more. (Hunt till October 15th)

22769 also participated in the Gallery. I blogged The Gallery before: A brand new thing in SL: artists and merchants come together and form an art and sale exhibition. This is not a one off event - it will be ongoing. Merchants and Artists change every 2 weeks their goods.

The next cute 70th dresses are also a gift in the Disco Ball hunt but these can be found inside the Mirror ball at BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). WOW ...love the hairbands that come with the dresses :o)

BDR is also participating in the Hardcore hunt and if you find the hunt item at BDR you will get these sexy latex dresses:) (hunt till October 16th)

Talking abut sexy...how about this freebie at Seldom Blue? WOW I love this amazing black lace lingerie set :) Comes with full panties and with a thong.

Then there is the Red Seal hunt at Rue d'Antibes. You have to find an envelop with a red seal (they are easy to find) and there are 15 hidden all around the stores. This elegant scarf was inside the envelop at Zeery.
The shops are giving out red things in this great hunt, so if you find the red sealed envelop at Delicioso Design you get this lovely red baby doll dress :) The jewelry is by Ganked (former freebie, but there are still freebies at the Ganked store)
Black Karbon gives a red chair with poses to you IF you find the red sealed envelop.

Metaverse Couture has this GREAT ball gown in red for you hidden inside their red sealed envelop. Go find it and you can be the queen of the ball.

There is a shop called Pulling Strings at Rue d'Antibes and they give you this red frame and when you sit on it you strike this great pose :) I am wearing a dress by Lemania design, which they are giving away in the August is over hunt. The shoes are by Mischief (blogged below, come with a bag too). The jewelry comes with the dress.

If you are wondering what hair I am wearing on the previous pic: it is the gift Calico Ingman Design has hidden inside their red sealed envelop. WOW this hair is amazing. You get a lot of huds with the hair to change the streaks in the hair or the complete hair color. I have been playing with the uds, but there are many more possibilities.

And these cute boots were inside the envelop at Indyra Originals.
Yet another pair of very cute snake boots can be found inside the envelop at Ali Couture.

I found some great shoes and bag for free at Mischief. I love those summer bags...

Next to the Mischief store is a store called Bitter Candy and they have a lot of free boxes with shoes, espadrilles or sandals with matching bags.

That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!