Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Accesoires day :) and ONE dress by Censored.

Well not really...not the whole blog will be about accesoires, but I found actually quite a few...starting with this more than lovely set by Dryad. I love the green blue color and the bracelet, necklace, earrings and anklet are so well made. It is from their lmidnight mania board and I am happy it is no longer a group board so everyone can click :)
Target is low: 40 clicks.

The next jewelry is part of the CBTH hunt and you have to look for a green icecream, or is it a slush puppy? Anyway if you find it at Yellow Brick Road you get this lovely necklace :) It's #36 in the hunt.
There is another location where to find a Yellow Brick Road icecream...and if you find that one you get THIS necklace :) It's #16 in the hunt.
I did some more hunting and at AnZ I found this great feather necklace with the earrings. It is part of the CBTH hunt. #41. You also get the lovely wings with animation and the make up for a fairy if you find this icecream.

AnZ also has another location where you can find an icecream. You get another lovely make up layer. It is #22 in the CBTH hunt.
Then I went to Gabriel to get their group gift. WOW They have such amazing group gifts and the best thing is: they are transfer !! They have male shoes, necklaces, and ladies shoesd. I blogged the black sandals before, now there is also a bronw pair as a group gift.
And these elegant shoes are by Mary Jane. They are also a group gift and I jsut missed their 100 L$ hunt (one pair of shoes in the store was marked 100 L$). Maybe next time?
The next shoes are from the CBTH hunt agian. Find the icecream at BeeMake and these great boots are yours :) #43 in the hunt.
BeeMake also has another location where you can find an icecream and in this one is a lovely tattoo...
Then I found another pair of boots at JPK. Lovely cowboy boots:) You find them in the ice cream of the CBTH hunt. It is #36 in the hunt.
JPK also has another location and you can find this handy backpack inside the ice cream there. It is #15 in the hunt.
I hardly ever blog naisl as I think they don't fit well on my shape. But I got these from Studio nails and wow they are sooo nice :) NOT FREE, but it is worth to take a look at Studio Nails ladies. They are called 7 sinns.
In the CBTH hunt I also found nails, this time from Pulcino. Find the ice cream and these lovely nails are yours. #24 in the hunt.
OK ONE dress to wear all these lovely accesoires with...the new group gift by Censored. WOW I love this dress, it is so colorful and so much fun and it makes me feel like summer never will end this year. :) Censored ladies...
This lovely top is a group gift at Bonne Chance. Check notices to get it ladies, joining is free. There are also 4 lucky boards (group only) at the store.
Then I stood for a LOOOOONG time at the lucky boards at RockBerry and I could swear they forgot the Rs in the boards. But after 1,5 hours finaly ONE R was on the board and YAY I got this lovely Apple skin. It comes with a demo shape so you can see how the designer thought it had to look.
Now...my own skin.
My skin which I am wearing every day is by Unique Megastore. It is called Artemis and I am wearing the pale version. The skin is NOT FREE and actually pretty expensive, but I wear it every day ...so...
This skin comes with many make-ups from a heavy smokey eyes one to a natural look. There are 2 versions with opened mouth. And there is ONE version with freckles. So guess which one is my favorite?
Just wanted to show you my skin ladies because I am so happy with it.