Friday, September 23, 2011

Jewels, skins, hair, shapes...and even three pairs of shoes.

I couldn't resist the Jewelry Fair, as you all can understand. There are so many great new releases and guess what? Some of the designers give visitors a nice present too! Look at this lovely nexklace by Fairy Tail.
Or the next lovely set by G&T. You get a ring too. 1L$ for this set.
Lazuri gives away a classic pearl set, necklace and earrings, on the Jewelry Fair. And you will find the bracelet with diamonds there too.

CH Creation gives away this YUMMY set, necklace and earrings.
And Together Inc also has a lovely gift if you find their stand at the Jewelry Fair. Two lovely modern necklaces in blue-pink or just in pink.
This next GREAT set is by Zibska. I love the necklace and you get a choice of 2 different sets of earrings.
Talking about earrings: Eden Jewelry gives away lovely diamond earring at their stand on the Jewelry Fair !!
Joy & Co has a lovely leather and silver chain bracelet for their visitors.
The next shop is Bliensen & I LOVE their gift. You have to pay 1 L$ but the gift is LOVELY, a golden necklace and earrings and a lovely flower necklace too...AMAZING.
And Lucifer Heart has a great voodoo doll necklace as a gift at their stand.
If you find the stand by Dark Mouse you are in for a treat :) Lovely color change earrings and bangles.
If you are into bangles find the stand by Spyralle. You get 3 lovely bangles there.
This lovely ring is a gift by Sebastian Design at the Jewelry Fair.
And the last one of the fair is by Dear Alice, a cooky in mouth :)
I found some more jewelry in the On the Hunt hunt (find the magnifying glass). These feather earrings are by EllaBella, and they are yours if you find the magnifying glass at their store.
Talking about jewelry: Dryad Design has a lovely group gift. I blogged it before, but it is simply a great set. And why am I blogging it again? Because it goes so perfectly well with the new release (NOT FREE) by Saschas Design. The outfit is called Intuition and you get 3 tops, 3 pants and 3 skirts in different colors to mix and match. There are 4 color packs and each one is just 299 L$.
Todat starts a hunt at Paris Metro (the Village). It is a small and simlpe hunt but if you find the hunt item at Paris Metro you get this GREAT fall outfit :) (find the big apple)
Over to the skins. JeSyLiLo has a new release (NOT FREE).
The skins are called Gori. JeSyLiLo also has new hair, called Buffy and a pack with lots of lipglosses (not showing you all). The skins are very nice, it is worth to take a look at the store :)

The skin I have been wearing for a few days now is a new release by Apple May Design (NOT FREE). They come in different skin tones. The skin is called Starburst and I am wearing the peach one on my blog. With the great eyelashes by AMD.
Sophistishapes has a few new shapes (NOT FREE) and they are on the pic below. I am showing my own shape next to them so you can compare.
I also hopped over to Marketplace.  And I found these GREAT Fall skins by Curious Kitties :)

I found one GREAT knitted dress. It is very simple and it is color change. It is by Mimi and I wanted to show you how I styled this dress so you can look different every day.
The original dress is on the left.
I colored the dress and styled the Mimi dress with colorchange pearls (necklace and earrings) by Lazuli. And I styled them with a lovely green necklace by Milady (on the right).
The great scarf set comes with handwarmers and it is also colorable. So it can be changed to match all your dresses. It is by Overt. (the original color is worn with the purple dress)
The shoes you can wear with this sexy dress are by Patula House Design, you get a pack of three pairs of shoes.
This jewelry set is also by Patula House and goes perfect with the knitted dress :)
Last one I found on Marketplace is a lovely pink cocktail dress by Addicted. It comes with the shoes. Ofcourse you can wear the Lazuli Pearls, or the jewelry from the hunt with this great dress. And the HOC shoes will go GREAT with this dress too (blogged yesterday).