Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Definately PINK

No need to sigh...if you don't like pink. These pink days will be over soon :) But today is yet another PINK day and I found quite a lot of clothes, hair and accesoires in PINK.

This first one is by Yesss. A lovely white dress with colored dots all over the top. The cute flats are by HOC Industries (not free) and the hair is by Creatives. It is called HUNGOVER and it is a fatpack so if you like the hair but not in PINK just wear another color.
The next outfit is by Black Ares and it is called Stephanie. I am wearing the Hungover hair with this outfit too.

Then CATWA has a very cute Kitty outfit for free. It is a hoody with itty ears. The Hungover hair goes great with this outfit too :)

Another pic with me wearing the Hungover hair and a cute sexy dress by Eve N Better. You have to pay 1 L$ for this sexy dress.
Next one with the Hungover hair. I am wearing a sexy outfit by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) and it is perfect for a hot day like today :) The outfit is called Sassy Doll.

This next outfit is from 2 stores. The snake pants in pink are by KKBB (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and it is 1 L$. The top is by KT and there is a cute cupcake on the front. It is also 1 L$.
The flats are by HOC Industries (not free).
The KKBB pants are styled with another top: a lovely pink sexy top by 8BIT.
The next tops are by Roseories and they are modify, so you can make them fit your figure. This fatpack is 4 L$.
And this shorts outfit is by Black Ares and it is called Sassy Tiffany.
Over to the next hair :)
This hair is called Scarlet and it is a promo by M&M. The cute dress is also by M&M and also a promo. The dress is called Thais. The cute bag is by Marinoco and it is actually white, but you can change the color in edit.

I am wearing the Scarlet hair also with the Marinoco bag, the KKBB pants and a very sexy corset top by Taleena Carissa. The top is 1 L$.
Then I found this very elegant updo. It is called Lace & Stars hair and it is 1 L$.
I styled the hair with a Katherina Infinity outfit, called Black roses for you. Elegant and sexy. 2 L$ for this outfit ladies.
I found another GREAT outfit by Katherina Infinity, called Phoenix bodysuit. Comes with the arm and back tattoo.
Then I couldn't resist to look for some lovely gowns to go out dancing. This first one is by D'Sastre and it is a white flower outfit. It has a real boho feel to it and I could see myself dancing on a hot summer night in the moonlight...can't you? 1 L$ to get this great boho dress. The colorful necklace is also free.
The next gown is by Zajs and it is called Mystic Angel. It is a very special gown, head will turn when you are wearing this gown ladies.

Last one for today is another lovely gown. This one is by Marinoco. A lovely formal pink gown. The details are very well made and I am sure you will love wearing it to every dance.