Saturday, September 3, 2011

How about an elegant sophisticated blog?

Today I am going to pretend I am a real elegant sophisticated lady and I will just show you well styled, elegant dresses and gowns. And high heels ofcourse ! And jewelry for a lady.
I found this very lovely red gown at Raven wear on Marketstreet. It comes with the jewelry and the lovely wings :) So elegant ! The name of the gown is Autum Moon.

You can style the red dress with the lovely high heels I found at Pure (which I didn't)
This next gown is also a gift at Raven wear and this one is called Winter Moon.
I found another GREAT purple gown, this time it is the new group gift by Purple Moon. WOW an amazing gown ladies...

The next gown is called Electric Nightshade by Demina designs and it is a lovely black gown with a turquoise border. Very welegant to wear :) The neck bow comes with the gown.
You can style the gown with these elegant shoes with a bow by Patula House. 1L$ for this lovely pair of heels girls.
And with the black pearl necklace by Elenico Eternal.
This gown is a lovely turquoise gown...I love the white embroidery at the bottom. The own is by AT design and is called Lola. 1 L$ is what you have to pay to get this gown.

Then I found this very versatile dress by Fun Jewell, called TIF. The dres comes with many options, different skirts and pants and a lovely top. Necklace comes with the dress.

I styled this dress with the lovely hair I got from Raspberry Aristocrat (blogged it yesterday too.)
I switched to elegant cocktail dresses after this great gown/dress and look what I found at Du Pappilon! A lovely orange cocktail gown, like a butterfly. You have to pay 1 L$ for this dress.

I styled the dress with lovely wrapped shoes in orange by KKBB.
You can also style this dress with the lovely white pearls by Elenico Eternal. They are great at the front but also very cute at the back :)
And I found this great green cocktail dress. It is by Magic Burst and it is called Lolita dress. Never mind the skin and shape, I was experimenting again and then I decided to take the pics of this dress with the skin and shape I got withthe Golden Fae outfit I blogged before.

This great sexy black cocktail dress is by Dashwood. The shoes by Patula house are GREAT with this dress. It is so simple yet so very appealing. You can wear all your lovely jewelry with it and your most extraordinary shoes too! Perfect !

I styled this lovely black dress with the butterfly jewelry set. This set is very versatile, you get different earrins, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even a and FREE!

Last one for today is another great black dress, called Aurum Feather dress. It is different from the Dashwood one, but another great dress for your inventory ladies !!


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