Thursday, September 22, 2011

Group gifts and hunts and lovely gowns

Let me start with a lovely gown by Paris Metro. I love their design and I love the way their gowns move like silk floating in the wind. I don't know how Rose does this...but I always feel like an angel in her gowns. This lovely red gown is a gift in the C is for Carvinal hunt. You have to find a little circus tent and the gown is yours :)

This green gown is  also by Paris Metro and it is a gift at the Alex Santorini sim. You have to join the group and then this lovely gown is yours, and the beautiful necklace too.

The next gown is a new release by Paris Metro...and I simply love the colors and the design. I couldn't resist to show it to you, it is NOT FREE though ! The gown is called Eelemantal Sky Sunset.

Gizza has a new group gift at their store too and if you are a group member you will get this GREAT zebra print gown with the fur !

Gizza also has a male group gift and you know me: if I like it I will wear it...great shirt and capris.

These lovely earrings are a gift in the Just For Fun hunt. You have to find the FUN letters at Orage Creations and they are yours to wear with all your elegant gowns :)

The next items, a lovely retro lingerie set, a cute pirate hat and the GREAT boots are group gifts by BabyMonkey. Check the group notices to get them :)

Urban Girl also has a cute group gift at their store. This great short black dress is free for group members :)

And Legal Insanity has TWO group gifts at their store. One from September (the capris with the tank or tee) and one from August (the sexy red outfit).

Over to the hunts I was trying to do. I don't have much time at the moment so hunting is really not my fav thing to do. But American Bazaar is participating in the F&D hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store this sexy outfit is yours.

Then I found a few items in the Just for Fun hunt. In this hunt you have to find the letters FUN. And if you find them at Amazing Art Gallery these fun tops are yours.

I found a few other tops in the Just for Fun hunt. This one is by Razorblade Jacket. Find the FUN letters ladies.

And these tops are hidden inside the FUN letters at Insatiable Design. Well you have to find the FUN letters first :)

I also found some really fun leggings to wear with all these fun and sexy tops. They are by FBC look for the FUN letters there ! (top is not included)
Sukis Silken Fashion has a FUN hat in the FUN letters, so hurry over, find the letters and you can feel like a boy scout LOL
In the Just for Fun hunt I found a really cute cocktail dress. It is by Ashmoot and it is a lovely red short dress. I love the rushes on the side, it gives this dress just that little extra that makes you want to wear it and wear it.
Find the FUN letters to get it.

The last one for today is a simple day to day dress which you can wear at any occasion. It is hidden inside the FUN letters at ShuCream ...and it has lovely flowers all over the skirt. Find the letters !!


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