Thursday, September 15, 2011


Some things sayed in my inventory and each time I looked at them I thought: OH YES I hvae to blog these...but somehow I never got around to doing it. So I will do my best to put all these leftovers in this blog. Forgive me if this blog doesn't make any sence at all *giggles*
Death Row Designs has 3 midnight mania boards and I clicked all three and look what I got there !

How about these sturdy boots?
I also got a fatpack of ripped jeans from the MM board at Death Row Design.
AND I got a leg band too...

Then I have some left overs from the ABBH hunt. You have to find the pink cupcake at the next stores to get all the presents I am showing you below.
Now I am in this sturdy mood: I found some great peircings ar Aidoru in the ABBH hunt (find the cupcake, like I said before)

Another shop that has hidden piercings in the cupcake is Doomsday.

Tatoos are hidden inside the cupcake at Dark&Burn. They come in light, medium and dark, in color and black & white.  I am only showing you 2.

Dark&Burn not only has tatoos hidden in a cupcake, they also have a shape hidden in the cupcake. :)
Talking about sturdy...this outfit by Erotique is a gift in the ABBH and also pretty sturdy :)

The outfit that Silhouette has hidden in their cupcake is sturdy and sexy :) I love the color and the way they designed the top. Find the cupcake ladies.

Silhouette also has a midnight mania board and some lucky chairs at their store and I got this outfit from the lucky chair.

Back to the ABBH hunt. This outfit is hidden in the cupcake at Yellow Berry. Two great birthday shirts :) I love the colors and the little dots :) Looks like M&Ms :)
SYS has a colorful outfit hidden in the cupcake too. Sexy cropped top and shorts, perfect for jogging or working out :)

Bubble has hidden 2 different colored shorst in their cupcake. I styled the shorts with the top I found in the cupcake at Insatiable Fashion.
Talking about working out: Grafitti wear has a perfect outfit for working out as a present in the cupcake :) It comes with the shoes and socks :)
Then I went to JeSyLiLo and I secretly hoped for a lovely skin as I love their skins very much, but they hid a sexy top and ipod in their cupcake :)

The next shop was Astonish and they are also participating in the ABBH. They hid this great sexy outfit inside the cupcake.

K-Code has a lovely blouse as a present in the ABBH and I styled this blouse with the pants by MSN Design (also from the ABBH hunt)

Eye Candy is giving away lovely very light eyes in the ABBH and I am also wearing the earrings by Gseries on this pic. Find the cupcake to get them.

I am wearing the glasses by Acid & Mala and don't I look intelligent? That is because I found the cupcake at Acid & Mala :) You can look just as intelligent if you find the cupcake too :)

This lovely head band and the cute rings are a gift by Needful things in the ABBH. They go great with all hairtypes and all colors :)

Last one for today: the Sour Pickles cupcake as a birthday gift for American Bazaar (ABBH hunt) and the top by Razorblade Jacket and the Holli Pocket pants.