Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday again...and it's raining

The title of this blog has really NOTHING to do with what is on it, but hey I've been thinking up titles for over a year now, I am running out of ideas :)
So let me quickly start with what I found for you today. How about if I start with the group gift by LaVie. WOW Usually you get a skin, but this time, if you are in the group, you get a complete Geisha!

The next stop was by accident 1MM. I was doing a hunt and on their lucky board was an R...a lovely soft yellow blouse.
Then I went to Tabboo. They have great shoes but today they had a great freebie. Feels like summer, lovely shorts, wedges, a sexy strawberry top and strawberry jewelry too.

Well Tabboo also has a cute summer hat for free ..which I couldn't resist..I don't want summer to end yet (even though we had plenty of rain this year).

If you are wondering which skin I am wearing with the Tabboo outfits: It is a skin from the midnight mania board at Shine. You get - believe it or not - a FATPACK and a teeth option and a shape !

The hunt also took me to Lemania, and I found a lucky chair there. On it was this lovely black gown :)

There was also a pink perfume bottle next to the lucky chair and it contained sexy lingerie for just 1 L$.

Then I found out that ChiChickie has a new fatpack offer, this lovely hair called Anja. The fatpack is only 95 L$ so go get it if it is your style :) I love it :)

The next hair is by Alli & Ali. They have a new group gift at their Mainstore and they also have a new voting gift.
Imika and Untouchable are both group gifts.

Imika in this color (blackberry) is the new voting gift.

Then they have a lot of special offers (free) on their Marketplace shop. Like this lovely hair, called Imika dark brown.

And this one is called Felicia in mixed brown.

And you can find this PAX hair there too. The color is called rustbrown.

The last hair on Marketplace by Alli & Ali is Untouchable in blackberry.
Alli & Ali are also participating in the ABBH (American Bazaar Birthday Hunt) Find the hunt item and look what Alli & Ali hid inside !

Also on the action wall this week at Alli & Ali, two 6 packs hair , conveniently organized in an inventorybutler, at a special rabate sale price! One package is for women, one for men. All hair is ready to wear in the closet (which you can wear as hud to unpack or view styles before wearing). Ideal for SL newcomers to have a hairstyle for any occasion from formal to roleplay, in all lengths.

The last hair for today is by Heart Softens. You can wear it with or without the flower and it is a group gift.