Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just for fun ....part 2

Today the rest of my stroll along Marketplace. But no more shorts, today pants, shoes, hair, and some skirts and dresses.
This first set is by Kada and the jewelry is by Darling & Ed (blogged yesterday too).
You have to pay 1 L$ for the Kada blouse and jeans, and also 1 L$ for the Darling & Ed jewelry.

The cute shoes I am wearing with this Kada outfit are by CS Design and they are 1 L$.
I am wearing these cute shoes with the skirt and top I found at Edge Grafica. WOW I love their design and they have so many freebies and dollarbies that it is hard to chose what to get ! I just got a few very nice things..
You can find the Edge Grafica SKIRT here and the TOP here (top is 1 L$).

The next skirt is also by Edge Grafica and the tops is the same as above. But I added cute striped socks by Edge Grafica.
I styled the Edge Grafica top with the cute capris by Cricket and the shoes I found at CS Design (1 L$). The shoes are color change with a hud, so it is actually a HUGE fatpack :)
The cute bag is a freebee by NiNu.

This black dress is by Fashion Warehouse and it will set you back 1 L$ ...I styled it with the cute socks by Edge Grafica.
Then I found a very cute outfit with shoes by Viviane Fashon. The whole outfit is 1 L$ ladies, so go get it !

I found another cute outfit, pants and a top by Nada.

EdelFabrik also has a very cute fatpack clothes on Marketplace. It comes with pink trainers and a warm sweater, but also with a very sexy lingerie set.

Prozak has some very nice red capris at Marketplace. I styled them with the Donkey Pop shirt and the very sexu Knuckle boots by West Coast Influence.

Folden also has a GREAT set of Capri pants, they are 2 L$ though. I styled them with the tops by Chic Couture, they come in 4 colors.

Ohhh I found really a lot of things...but the last outfit is this lovely white dress. It is called Pure in White and you have to pay 1 L$ for it. It comes with the lovely neckllace.
Oh you thought I was done? NOOOO...I found some hair too.
What do you think about this lovely hair by TitZuki? It is called Tied Up and you have to pay 1 L$ to wear it.

the next hair is by T & S and it comes with a headband. It is 1 L$ and the headband is color/texture change.
This is also the last item for today.