Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skins :)

Just a little special with some skins ladies. I found a few free skins but also new releases, so take a look and go get what you like :)

These first skins are by Bare Sensual and they are NEW RELEASED skins.
I especially love the Lynx one, but you might like one of the others better. I took pics with the skins on my usual shape so you can see how they change the face. And I do not look like a rabbit with the open mouth on these skins like I do with most open mouth skins:)
And you know what? ALL new releases by Bare Sensual are only 50 L$ !!!

These next skins are by Kako Folies and they come in 3 lip shades but all with different make ups. Kako Folies also included a shape and I am showing you the skin on that shape too, as the designer made the shape especially for this skin. These skins are also a NEW RELEASE, so not free. The skin is called Nicole.

Beautiful Deluxe has a gift at their store, eye lashes, make up and an eye blink. The eye blink is very light though as you can see on the pic.

Mother Goose has so many lucky boards with great skins at their store and also a LOT of 1 L$ skins. They skins are all very light but very well made and they have fun details and it is worth to wait at the Lucky boards as they change fast (3 minutes).