Saturday, September 10, 2011

I simply love dresses

I love them short and sexy, elegant and sophisticated or simply slutty :)
So today dresses on my blog and maybe something more :)
Lets start with Ancayi. They have this cute silver sexy dress hidden in the cupcake for the ABBH hunt. It's not that hard to find, so give it a try and the dress is yours.

I styled this dress with the necklace I found inside the cupcake at I <3 Fashion. Also from the ABBH hunt.
The next dress is by Black Cat Bones and yet again a very sexy short dress. Cherries all over it and it comes with cherry earrings too :) Find the cupcake ladies...
This cute dress is by Nemesis and I styled this dress with the pearls I found at Acide. Both, dress and pearls are from the ABBH hunt (find the cupcake) and the chair I am standing next to is also from this hunt, it is made by OhLaLa.

Then I went to Sakide and they also are participating in the ABBH. Inside their cupcake is this lovely dress in 3 variations. I love it, elegant yet sexy :)
Another dress is by Asteria. It has the same style as the Sakide one, the lovely lace, elegant black and white, but it is still a different dress. Very nice to wear. Find the cupcake and it is yours to wear to all your parties :)
Moloko has a simple FUN dress hidden in their cupcake :) I love the colors, I love the bow...hmmm the cupcake is not that hard to find...go grab it :)
Yet more dresses are hidden in this hunt, this one is by Devlish Design. The champagne and the table with all the stuff to party on it are by Meberry and both are from the ABBH hunt.

And what do you think about this dress? It is actually not really a DRESS LOL. It is the gift from Stoopidly Kool. They also have this cake-hanging=from-mouth and the cake ring to celebrate the American Bazaar Birthday....(the white package is very shiny)

But back to the dresses...Jazumi has a very sexy short dressy hidden inside their cupcake. I styled it with the jewelry Gems & Kisses has hidden in their cupcake :) (earrings & necklace).

The next dress is by Sassy and again from the ABBH. I styled this lovely pink dress with the necklace Phresh is giving away in this ABBH hunt. I love this combination, so elegant :)

You could also wear the earrings hidden in the cupcake at Virtual Insanity with this lovely dress as they are soft pink and just as elegant as the Sassy dress :)
Or with the pretty engagement ring  which is hidden in the ABBH hunt at Just You. Find the cupcake and you don't need a guy to give it to you :)
Last one for today is the locely chinese style dress at Virus. WOW I love this style. Isn't this a great dress to end the blog? Hunt cupcakes ladies.
You could style this lovely dress with the bangles you can find in the cupcake at Southern Charm Jewelry.

Or with the bangles you can find at Sigma Jewelry (also hidden insid ethe cupcake)

Or you could even wear the bracelets by Collisions with these lovely dresses girls if you can find the cupcake at their store :)