Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am seldom blue :)

But Seldom Blue is one of my fav stores. Let me first congratulate Indigo Blue with her birthday today and with the opening of her new store ! YAY ! The store is beautiful and there are 3 lucky chairs at the store. I am showing you a few items from the lucky chairs, but also a dollarbie (1 L$) which is lovely white bridal lingerie. The cute purple Lilia dress is also a dollarbie (1 L$)

While I was in my Seldom blue mood Gesamtkunstwerk whispered in my ear that they have a new group gift at their store. WOW their hair is always AMAZING and this one moves sooo great. I tried to catch it in pics.

Then I got these lovely boots from the midnight mania board at My Pretty Pixels. GREAT boots in 3 colors :)
Talking about shoes: N Core has opened their group again and their last group gift is still available for a few days to the new joiners. So hop over to N Core and get these GREAT shoes.
I got some more cute shoes at Indigo Oddities. They had them on their Midnight Mania board, but I think the items change. They also have 3 lucky boards and I got a cute red and black dress from them. The Hello Kitty dress is a freebie next to the lucky board and chair.

Angelwings has a free outfit at their store, these lovely white silks. Hmmm and don't forget to click their midnight mania board IF you are a group member, as the board is group only.
Then I clicked the Midnight Mania baords at Tainted and I got this black set, sexy jeans an top, which is also available in a male version (with boots) and the cute pink outfit with the necklace in mouth ....Inside the pink outfit was an extra folder with black boots.

Last one for today is the Chinese dress I got from the Feline Club. If you land at the club, take the rotating teleport upstairs and at the landing point there turn to your right. You will see the vendor with the red dress there.


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