Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning coffee

I just had my morning coffee and wow...when I looked at my inventory I saw I found some really nice items to put on my blog. Let me start with the GREAT shirts I found at Gabriel. The shirts are denim in blue and white and each one is 1 L$. I styled the shirts with the cute shoes (come in all colors) which are a new release (NOT FREE) at Shine and with the capri pants by Egoisme (former group gift). Gabriel also has very elegant hats as a gift, the flower on te hat comes in 6 colors.

Shine also has some new released skins (not free) called Mandy and this is the pale version.
Rockberry however has a lot of new skins in their lucky boards and if you have the patience to get these great skins:

The Megan skin is from the Rockberry lucky chair.
BabyMonkey as you all know by ow is my favorite shoe shop. What I didn't tell you is that Pixieplumb also makes GREAT clothes and she gives a LOT of group gifts too. Look below...the corsets and the stockings both come in 24 colors, from bright to pastel. The cute blue shoes are from one of the MANY Lucky Boards in the store.

What more is left in my inventory? Oh yes...I went to SOUP. They have a goldfish pond at their store and you can click it 5 times every 5 minutes. Mainly you get boxes or furry heads to wear on your head, but there are also a few very nice prices to win. Like the shirt with paint, or the very cute tote bag, or the black suit which is actually for guys..