Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hunting till you drop

Because the presents in the CDTH (Couleur du tout Hunt) are so very nice I wanted to show you a few more:) First the hunt sign with the hunt item, the green ice cream. The hunt runs till September 30th so plenty of time to go ice cream hunting.
Some shops have ice creams hidden in 2 locations, one in their own shop and one in a general location for all shops.
The first dress is one that brings a smile on my face. It is a lovely orange dress in kimono style and it is so detailed. I found it at MuiMin and it is #8 in the hunt. The cute fun donuts are by Soup and they are #1 in the hunt. Find the ice creams ladies. Shoes by BabyMonkey.

I found another orange outfit with black this time at Likka House. You have to find the ice cream on both their locations to get the whole dress, so you have to search HERE and HERE. Likka House is #2 and #23 in the hunt.
If you are as fond of ice cream as I am you will have no problems finding the ice cream at aMaNoJaKu. They have 2 locations where they hid the ice cream This one can be found at their first location, #4 in the hunt.
And this one can be found at the second location, #25 in the hunt. The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey they come in all colors (not free but very affordable).
Then I found another lovely red dress inside the ice cream at C'Est la Vie. Again: C'Est la Vie has 2 locations to find their ice cream. The first one is #17 and you will get a lovely scarf there in a soft brown/orange.
The other ice cream has this cute red dress inside with a Boho feel to it. That is why I am wearing it with the bare feet by Coco (group gift). You can also wear it without the skirt as a jumpsuit from the 70th. At C'Est la Vie ladies #37.
Actually the hair with the hat by Ribbon would go GREAT with this hippie dress. It is #7 in the hunt.
I found some more hair, this time at Hairshop Nodoka. Lovely blond hair and brown hair, with a just-out-of-bed look,  #34 in the CDTH.
And this lovely blond hair is inside the ice cream at HeartSoftens. You can wear it with or without the lovely hair flower. It is #2 in the hunt.
OK enough with the hair, back to the lovely dresses. Salire has some really lovely dresses in this hunt. You have to find the ice cream in 2 locations. This first one is #19 in the hunt.

The next dress by Salire is #39 in the hunt.
These cute dresses are by Natural and you get one in pink and one in blue. The colors are rather dark though. They are hidden in 2 locations again, one in Natrual main store and one in the general location. Don't forget to look at the lucky boards at Natural ladies (blogged before).

Yet another cute outfit can be found inside the ice cream at MMotion. You have to find the ice cream on BOTH locations to complete this outfit.
The first one is #8 in the hunt.
The second MMotion ice cream can be found at their shop. #18 in the hunt.
Shoes by BabyMonkey.
From this next outfit I only found the skirt, the socks and the bag. It is by Amato and it is #13 in the hunt. Unlucky number, that is probably why I didn;t find the top at their store:) But maybe you are a better hunter than I am :)
The top I am wearing is the top from the Natural dress. Shoes by BabyMonkey.

Last one for today is the ice cream at 1MM. It has this lovely top inside. And this shop is #6 in the hunt.