Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ever an Angel & Grafitti Wear & Virtual impressions

Ever an Angel has 2 lovely gifts at their store. The cute shabby shiny cami (I can't help it, they named it) can be found in the attick for 1 L$.
This lovely green vintage blouse can be found near the ladder and it is also 1 L$.
Ever an Angel gave me a sneak preview on their fall collection. How about these lovely Broomstick tanks and the oh so elegant Flora skirt? Perfect for fall, a lovely boho feeling and great autumn colors. NOT FREE though :)

Virtual Impressions has this lovely group gift at their store.

While I was hunting at Grafitti Wear an R showed up on the lucky board and ofcourse I could not resist to click it. WOW what an elegant lace dress...and the shoes, which are very unusual, come with it.