Friday, September 23, 2011

Not everything is free.

Not everything in Second Life is free, but some things are really worth the money. KissmeKatie told me about a shop with great shoes to match all my outfits. I hadn't heard of them before, the name is HOC Industries. And boy do they have GREAT shoes. Not free, ok...but the shoes are all color or texture change so you actually get a fatpack of shoes. I think the most expensive shoes in the shop are 175 L$ (I know the stilettos and the pumps are). But there also are much cheaper shoes in the store.
Look love tose shoes.

The sneakers are also color change, every part of the shoe is individually colorchange (look at the last pair). They are for guys and gals.
And the Country wedges are so cute. You can change the metal parts or the shoe color.

HOC Industries also has GREAT flats, the top ones are called EMO flats, the lower ones HAPPY flats. They are texture change. If you join the HOC group (joining is free) you get also more colors and textures in the hud that comes with the shoes.

Last one from HOC Industries: Platform shoes. These ar a new release. The sole and heel and upper can be changed individually.

Then I did some more hunting in the Just for FUN hunt. You have to find the letters FUN in the stores to get the lovely gifts from the desigenrs. How about this very nice outfit my Moulliez? There is a male and a femal version. Find the FUN letters ladies.

And Segundo has hidden this fun outfit in the FUN letters. The shoes are included! The shirt comes in green and in pink.

Sweet sin has hidden a mature FUN item in the FUN letters, a tatoo on your belly...

And Zzang gives away some FUN Lollipops inside the FUN letters :)
Thats enough with the hunting. I jumped over to FA Creations. I have blogged them before, but their group gifts are many and they are soooo CUTE !! Joining the group is free ladies and look what I got there ! Look along the path in the garden for the gifts.

Last one for today is Bubblez. A hunt was announced at Bubblez, but it won't take place. But the Milo Bubble has put a gift in the group notices...a GHOST avatar! WOW Perfect for Halloween :)
The Bubblez shop has closed. You can only join the group by looking in search for Bubblez Design.