Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shoes, skins and pretty in pink

The last days it seems I find shoes all over the place and skins too. I don't know why, sometimes I only find clothes, sometimes just hair...and now shoes and skins. Actually I find shoes all over the place in RL too, but that is because I leave them everywhere *giggles*.
Anyway these shoes are a group gift by Felicity. The shoes are free, but you have to join the group and joining is 25 L$. The free shoes are on the floor of the store in separate vendors. There is also a free tattoo as a group gift.

And these shoes are a group gift by Mary Jane Shoes :)
These next skins are by Bare Sensual and they are just 1 L$. There are many more options (different make ups) at the store, all 1 L$. The top one is called Sierra, the bottom one Azita.

And this skin is a gift in the Smashing Pumpkin hunt at Bare Sensual, a goth Halloween skin.
I am wearing this skin with a new released shape by Furore. (NEW release so NOT FREE).
The next skins are by Heartsick and they are also a new release, so NOT FREE.
This next skin (on the left) is 95 L$ at the moment (till sunday) and it is by Skintimate. The skin on the right is a gift for LOW group members by Skintimate (joining the LOW group is free).

Also a gift for LOW group members is a fatpack of bandanas. They are by RT Design and they come in many colors (just showing 2).
Morea has a very elegant sexy top on their Midnight Mania board and the skirt from the lucky cupcake at Doux Petit Dahl goes GREAT with it.
Then I saw a pretty little pink bow and found out it was a hunt item from the Pretty and Pink Hunt. I started to hunt for a bit and look what you can find in this fun hunt if you find the pink bow :)
This first outfit in pink is by Ali Couture :) Flats come with the dress.
And this pretty in pink outfit is the gift in the pink bow at Scandalous. The pink top comes in sheer or full.
If you find the bow at Three Sissy's shop you will be the proud owner of this cute dress.
The next shop I went to in this hunt was Bitter Bunnie design. They have this cute pink dress with bows hidden inside the pink bow.
The last one for today is the gift inside the pink bow at Shadow Moon. It is a sexy top and pants outfit and it comes with the hair, jewelry and shoes :)