Monday, September 19, 2011

Why is this blog so grey???

The blog is so grey probaby because I found a lot of grey stuff :)
I started with some exercising after a week in Prague with the great new group gift by 22769. You get the outfit in male or female version AND the gym too :)
I did some weight lifting, some Tai Chi and I stood gasping for air at the lockers afterward. (high tops are by Viviane design, 10 L$).

I missed quite a lot this week this lovely dress Cilian"gel put up at the Car Wash cart sale. It is not free (10 L$) but comes with the shoes and it is a lovely tutu dress :)
Cilian'gel also put 2 shirts at the Wash cart sale and they are free :)
Take a look around, lots of 10 L$ outfits, skins and stuff, worth to stroll around!
Furore is taking part in 2 hunts. The first outfit is from the On the Hunt - Magnifying glass. If you find the Magnifying glass this lovely detailed dress is yours :) and the necktie in 2 versions too :)
And this next outfit if from the Disco Ball hunt. Find the hunt item at Furore and you will look fabulous in ths top and pants set.
Then I went to Free Dove. I hadn't been there for a while and there are tons of new very good free gifts. How about this jeans and tank by NC Paris design?

Or this jeans and top set by R&W fashion? Also at the Free Dove.

This cute dress is by Apple May design and it is free at Free Dove.

PIG also has a cute outfit at Free Dove.

I followed the LM that was inside this gift by PIG and landed in their mainstore.
At the mainstore there are many white boxes on the floor. They are all either free or 1 L$ and they contain lots of nice tops and stockings. Just walk around and also take a look at the 2 lucky boards at the store.