Monday, September 12, 2011

Sascha's Design

There are many great designers in SL and Sascha Frangilli is one of them. Just like me she is Dutch and we have been friends for ages. She is a warm funny person and on top of that a generous designer.
Her gowns and dresses and tops and pants are high quality and very well made.
For those of you that are thinking: oh this is going to cost money...yes you are right. Joining her group is 50 L$. But you get a free gown or dress every month and ALL previous monthly gowns and dresses too. I will show you just a few below but they add up to about 35...SASCHAS DESIGN ladies.

Then there are each week 4 60 L$ items as a special offer, like the ones below. At Saschas design.

And there is the 15.000 group member gown, also free for members.

Or the 5.000 member gown in red, which is next to the black Kiki gown upstairs.

Or just a special gown for gtoup members, the Kiki.

If you do not like to join a group: she has great specials at her store, like these new released Elixer party dresses, which you can also wear with jeans or leggings as a top or as maternity wear. Each pack of 3 dresses is just 199 L$.

So think about joining the group or just walking around the store and find your perfect dress or gown :)

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