Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last day of August...

On the last day of August I received a wonderful gift from Bliss. Bliss send out a GREAT group 2 AMAZING gowns. Thank you so much, I love both of them. Join group and check notices.
Talking about gowns...ladies I went to Syrielles Dream and found the Fashion Forward item. You have to pay 10 L$ for this item but just take a look! WOW another AMAZING gown :)

This lovely vintage dress with the red roses is a 1 L$  group gift at Cleos design. Hmmm lovely :) I feel like I am in the 50th and I want to rock and roll.
Then I went to Ivalde and they have so many great group gifts at their store !! Joining the group is free and below is what I got but there are plenty more group gifts. The cute wooden necklace with bow is a group gift by EnYo.

The next stop for me was The Nerd Project. They have 4 lucky boards (2 are group - joining is free). And YAY look how lucky I was...scarf, shirt, pants and shoes...all by the Nerd Project Lucky Boards :)

Another shop with lucky boards is Awram Vie. I have been standing there till my feet hurt and FINALLY one R showed up...I got the great pants, but they also have a very cute short jacket on the other Lucky Board. I am wearing a dollarbie shirt with these pants by GO! shop. And a cute long vintage necklace by The Bird next door from Marketplace (5 L$)

GO! shop also has 4 lucky chairs and this is what I got there.
The cute Old Lace blouse by GO! shop goes also GREAT with the subscribo skirts by NiNu. I love the colors and the great belt.
These elegant sexy earrings are a new group gift by Crystal line
Last one for today: 2 more items from the lucky boards at Bonne Chance. A lovely light green spring dress and a cute pair of shorts and a top with little flowers on it. Worth to wait for your letter to pop up :)