Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WOW I LOOOOVE these boots :)

Hoorenbeeck has a GREAT subscribo gift ladies. The thing is however: you only get it when you have been in their subscribo group for at least 2 weeks ! There is also a male gift for male subscribers. But HEY you get these GREAT boots...wow..
To subscribe and (later) get the boots: walk from the entrance of the store to the back wall.
And these lovely skins are an opening group gift at Skintimate. In the gift are 3 tones of this lovely skin and 2 variations: with a lot and with a little less cleavage. Skintimate ladies, new shop, definately worth to have a look.
These skins are by Faces Studios. They are a new release so NOT FREE. But I wanted to show them to you because I actually think they are very good :) They come in many skin tones and with many make-up variations. Also with lots or less cleavage. Just showing you a few..the name of the skins is Alycia.
This lovely skin is from the lucky board at Mamboo chick. I love their skins so much girls, and this one just takes a bit of your time to get it...WOW.
The skins are great to wear with this very sexy jacket. Actually it is from the Where is...? hunt... You can find the hunt item (a donut) at Bellies (Look above the entrances of the different parts of the shop when you walk out).
Bellies has a lot of hunt items at their store (all hidden at the same spot except the donut, in the main place of the shop look up to the purple ball on the ceiling) This next hoody is from the Mens Stuff hunt.
And you can find this one at Bellies too, from the TOSL hunt (find the tray with waiter on it)
There are a lot of hunts going on at SL at the moment and I really stumbled over a few very nice items. This cute dress is from the Cupcakes War hunt and I found it at Chickpeas. You have to find the cupcake to get it :)
And this very nice tee shirt is also from the Cupcakes War hunt (find the cupcake). It is a nude cupcake on the shirt LOL.
The store who hid it in the cupcake is called JCz Fuckin Teez.
Another hunt that is going on is the TOTATF hunt (this one time at the fair hunt) and you have to look for a goldfish. The Plastik is giving away these 2 GREAT prices in this hunt so find the goldfish and they are yours :)

The top pic: ONLY the pants are in the gift. The tank is a freebie by Jane. The shoes are a subscribo gift (hughe package in all colors) at Maitreya.

M*Motion has a lovely new group gift at their store. Joining is free. And you can wear the gift in 2 ways...isn't that great?

BRAT has a lucky cupcake in their store and I couldn't resist to take a bite ofcourse...ohh I was rewarded with this lovely dress :)
BabyCakes has a big box with freebies in their store and I took a few pictures of what is inside. I can't show you all, told you it is a BIG box :) But you will get the idea :). The toast above your head is MOOD toast, it shows your friends in what mood you are :)

This lovely gown is from the Midnight Mania board at Unique Clothing. I love the color and I love that you can wear it as a short sexy dress too :)

Last ones for today are the lovely hair gifts by Alli & Ali. They have new group gifts and new voting gifts ladies (and gents) and also a few GREAT freebies on Marketplace.
The group gift and the voting gift can be found at the MANISTORE of Alli & Ali.
The first one are the new VOTING presents ladies (and gents) and it is the lovely Skye hair in coconut/copper and for the guys the Eroo hair in chocolate.

The new group gifts (wear your GROUP tag to get them) is also Skye but in black/silver and the Flash Mohawk in black silver. The Flash Mohawk in Trance is also avaiable on Marketplace.

The lovely Skye hair in brown is also avaialbe on Marketplace.

And Sunita in purple can also be found on Marketplace. All MARKETPLACE offers are temporarily offers so you have to be fast to get them ! And take your time to look around on the Marketplace shop of Alli & Ali because they have many very nice offers there !

Last one on Marketplace is one of my favorites, this lovely curly long hair called Lorena Coffee...WOW I love that one :)

That was it for today laides. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!

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