Monday, July 18, 2011

Some jewelry, some shoes, clothes and an umbrella.

The last days I have been all over SL, hunting, looking for group gifts, standing at MM boards, you name it. I found some really nice goodies for you, so start up SL and put on your teleport shoes.

This lovely jewelry is from Crystal Line and they are group gifts (joining is free) and a gift from their lucky board. And don't we all love jewelry ladies? As Marilyn Monroe said: Diamonds are a gilrs best friend. Look at the diamond RING!!!
this is the lucky board item I got

Finesmith also has some really nice group gifts at their store. And Finesmith jewelry is never always stands out :)

Dryad design also has a new group gift and oh boy I love their designs. So elegant and so nice to wear !

The next shop I went to was Maitreya. They have a very nice subscribo gift: pumps in all colors ! to wear with every dress you have !!

And these sexy shoes are a gift in the TOTATF (this one time at the fair) hunt. You have to find the goldfish at A Muse to get these lovely shoes :)

The next shoes are a gift in the Seasons hunt (find the shark) and you have to find this shark at Epoque.
7Style also has shoes in their store as a freebie. But they have MANY MANY more freebies to look below and take your pick :)

The next Midnight Mania board with FIVE lovely skirts in it can be found at Sascha's Design. Ladies I said it before: joining Saschas group will set you back 50 L$ but it is sooo worth it. You get a free gown or dress EVERY month and if you join you also get ALL previous monthly gifts (you have to pick them up at the store).

And this cute native dress is by Sannomyra and it is a gift from their Lucky board (there are 2...the other one didn't have my letter on it).

....and the last one for today is an UMBRELLA, which might come in handy in Dutch summers.... we have a lot of rain in summer. It is the hunt gift in the DSM hunt at Bellies and the hint to find the hunt item is: LOOK UP !!!


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