Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gowns and more

Today I found a few very very nice gowns and lots of dresses, some shoes and some skins. So let me quickly get started.
This first gown is by Morea and it is a group gift. It shows lots of leg :)
The next gown is from Marketplace and it is by Jacqueline. You can wear it as a gown but also as a short sexy dress or as underware. It will cost you 1 L$.

The next gown is a GREAT gift by House of Beningborough. They are giving away this amazing black and white gown but also a short white knitted dress. The jewelry is an older freebie by Ganked.

This necklace set is the new freebie by Ganked and while you are there don't forget to click their Midnight mania board and take a look if your letter is on the lucky chair.

The next cute necklace and earrings set is by NHA! Thank you so much Elize for pointing it out to me :)
This next lovely boho dress is by Paris Metro. They have reached 5000 members and they are giving away this most lovely hippie dress. CONGRATULATIONS Paris Metro and thank you !
In their other store Paris Metro gives away a lovely red summer dress with hat.
At Munspain their group members get this great red dress. It is very sexy, you might get a nasty sunburn if you are wearing this in the sunshine :)
And this cute blue summer dress with the flowers on it is by Clothes by DeeDee on Marketplace.
These shoes are a gift by Nardcotix at their store on the Truth sim. I didn't get them the first time, but I went back and found them :)
These shoes are from Marketplace and they are by Perfect Wirefly. You can find the blue ones HERE and the flats ( 1l$) HERE.
These next shoes are by Urban Girl and they come with this very cute outfit. You will get it if you click their Midnight Mania board :)

I also got a great skin at Urban Girl. It is a group gift.Comes with the shape.
Then I got this skin at JeSyLiLo. It will cost you 99L$ but I really like their skins , 99 L$ is worth it. (GSP tan skin). Love the blush :)
The next skins are also not free, each one will cost you 1 L$. They are by Arata Shouten and I hadn't been to her shop in a long time. Elize (the one who pointed out the lovely necklace set) told me they had great new stuff at their store an look what I got there ! The skins can be found on the 3rd floor.
This dress is a camp dress (you have to sit in a bubble for 10 minutes).

And this jewelry set is also a camp item, it is color change, the metal and stones can be changed to your liking. Camp chairs can be found on the 3rd floor.
The next hairs are also dollarbies (1 L$) You get all colors and you can find them on the 3rd floor.

And last one at Arata Shouten is a dollarbie on the ground floor. This great pants and top outfit is for sale for just one 1L$. I am wearing the cute bag with it I got from the lucky chairs at Arata Shouten (2nd floor).
The last one for today is the lovely group gift by Heart Softens.
Happy shopping ladies !!

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