Thursday, July 28, 2011

a lot of great finds

Let me start with something I have no picture of. Vista has some really GREAT simple AOs which are very cheap in their store at Marketplace.
HERE you can find 2 (male and female) 1 L$ AOs and
HERE you can find 2 (male and female) 50 L$ AOs.
HERE you can find 2 NEKO AOs (each 10 L$) and not by Vista but by Adi Cat.

I also found this great necklace. It is by Bonita and it is free. You can wear it in 3 different ways :)
Graffiti wear, ladies, has some really nice new gifts in store (and some GREAT new releases too !!!) The first one is their new Lucky Board gift, a sexy short lace dress. WOW it is amazing...I truely hope your letter will come up soon :)
The next one is the new gift on their Midnight Mania board. It is called Street dancer and I felt I should take a few pics in dance poses. But somehow I only could find ballet poses in my inventory. *giggles*

The last one is theit Unlucky Dip item. How sexy is this bikini?
Graffiti wear is also participating in the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt, find the international male sign) If you find the male sign you will get this GREAT surf outfit :)
Shoes are a new release by BabyMonkey.
 Then I went back to the Poupee hunt. I found this great bag inside the doll at Danchu. WOW I love the detailling on this bag :) Look at the yarns and the pins and the measuring tape !
Mocha also hid a lovely shoulder bag inside their doll. I am wearing it with the cute outfit that Pesca hid inside their doll. The lovely linen is perfect for warm summer days :)
The next dress is also perfect for summer. A lovely flower dress, makes you smile when you wear it. You can find it inside the doll at Gato :)
These dolls have so many great presents inside, like this liovely summer party gown. I can see myself wearing it on a warm sumer evening, cocktail in my hand, enjoying the late sun and the company. But I can also wear it for a day on the beach :) It is a gift in the Poupee hunt at Sabbia.
Sabbia also has hidden these lovely slippers in their doll and they go perfectly with the lovely gown.
More from the Poupee hunt...This teeshirt is the gift in this hunt at Beautiful Creature. Find the doll and it is yours.

If you find the doll at Sheep door you also get a teeshirt AND a vest. You can wear the vest with or without the teeshirt :0
And in the doll at Naminoke you will find these lovely ....puppies? or are they? Hmmm....well pluchies :)
I found the doll at JE Republic and I found this great hair inside :)

Another shop that hid hair in the doll is Wildo. It comes in many colors and with a cute hat. Not showing you all colors.
Then I hopped over to Glow Studio to look for the doll. And YAY I found it and inside was this piercing set :)
At LittleGirl I found something really weird in the doll. I actually have no clue what it is or what the meaning is of the words above my head....Looks a bit like a Japanese or Chinese rabbit though.
My Ugly Dorothy has some really lovely make up and theeth hidden inside the doll. It is not hard to find :) So if you want the make up hop over and start looking for the doll.
Last one in the Poupee hunt: lovely jammies. They are hidden in the doll at Bingo. The slippers I am wearing with the jammies are from Marketplace and they are animated bunnies. They are a lot of fun :) (and 1 L$)
I was at Mr. Poet and I got 2 MALE skins from their lucky boards :) The letters change every 2 minutes. I am not showing them as I am not a guy :) But what I am showing you is the free color change scarf they give away at Mr. Poet.
I also found a few more items in the Scavenger hunt. You find one regular item in the shop that is marked down to 1 L$, you buy it and inside you find an extra present from the Scavenger hunt AND a note with the next landmark in this hunt. I found this one at Epic. You buy the flower pot and you get the rose as a present :)
Next shop in the Scavenger hunt where I found the 1 L$ item was Oh La La. The shop is under construction but they still have a 1 L$ item, the lovely slippers. And the SKIRT is the extra present for the Scavenger hunt. The top is a freebie from Jane.
I also went to Sumii and it took me quite a while to find the 1 L$ item. Lovely make up though. And the pluchies were the extra present ;)
Last one for today also from the Scavenger hunt. This time I found the item at SyS. Also make up ...or is it a tatoo? I love the soft colors. What I got as an extra present? Shapes. To compare them to my normal shape I took a pic of that one too. I always wonder why the most shapes have such a pouted mouth and why they don't smile?


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