Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hairfair 2011 part 1

OK as promised: the Hair Fair hair.
There are so many great gifts at the hair fair, I want to thank ALL designers who were so generous to put up those goodies for us customers.

I will just put the pictures here with the name of the store and the link...look for yourself ladies what you want to go get.

Amacci. (comes in all colors)

LaLaMoon. (comes in all colors)

CIC (Calico).


Xplosion. (comes in all colors, with and without diamonds)

Logo. (comes in all colors)

Damselfly. (comes in all colors)

Magika. (this hair comes with a color change hud, and an option with or without chew on hair. The hair comes in several color packs)

Bliensen & MaiTai. (including the jewelry)


Rosy Wood. (costs 1 L$, top and skin included)

Split ends.

JE Republic. (costs 1 L$)


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