Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Group gifts all over.

Heartsick is participating in the Scavenger hunt. This is a hunt which is a bit different from other hunts. No hints, no shop list. If you are member of a shop group which is participating in this hunt you get a note where to start. What you do is: you find a regular item in the store which is marked down to 1 L$. You buy it...and you get a scavenger item with the item you bought. I bought the lovely Illusion skins at Heartsick for just 1 L$ and I got the Harmony Neptune and the Aura Neptune for free !
Illusion skins

Harmony Neptune

The other skins below are also by Heartsick. They are another group gift (top pic) and 2 freebies (Deltry and Dolly Dreadful) at the store.

The next items are group gifts at Coco. They have many group gifts (I blogged them all a long time ago) but these are thei newest group gifts. I really LOVE the bare feet. You can wear them with or without the anklets and you can adjust the skin color and the nails with a hud. The tee with hand on it and the jacket with blouse are also group gifts (joining is free).
The jeans set I am wearing under the jacket and blouse is by BN dresses. BN Dresses also has a few camping chairs, so take your time to look around.

BN dresses has another group gift at their store. WOW a lovely dress ! find it ladies and join the group. Joining is free and the joiner is above the vendor.

The last one for this afternoon is the lovely cocktail dress which is the group gift at G&T. Joining the group is free and there is also a male gift, so you and your male friend can go dancing in style.


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