Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today again a mix of styles and stuff ladies. I found some more hair at the hairfair, I got some group gifts and freebies, actually a mix like the title said.
This first group gift is by Heartsick. At the Heartsick store are also 2 lucky boards and they have NEW skins on worth while to stand there for a while. The HEARTSICK store has moved from the sky back to the earth so take the right landmark.
LUCKY board item

More skins can be found in the group gift by Faces Studio. Lovely skin with make up and different cleavages.

The next skins are also a group gift at Filthy in the sndHub group.

The last skin is a group gift at Urban Girl.
This hair is by Gauze and you can find it on the HairFair. It will cost you 1 L$.

Hair roses and dots only, hair is Carlotta by Alli & Ali.
This lovely gown in red white and blue is by Paris Metro and it is their 4th of July gift.

The next outfit is a group gift at 22769. It is a lovely set, perfect for summer and surfing ladies.

22769 also has a sale item at the Gallery. A brand new thing in SL: artists and merchants come together and form an art and sale exhibition. This is not a one off event - it will be ongoing. Merchants and Artists change every 2 weeks their goods.
This great dress is a group gift at Censored ladies. It is a gift in the Miss & Miss project. Oh I love this style of dress ;)
And these next 2 dresses are a gift by 1Hundred. They are an opening gift and a group gift :)
The TART store has a lot of free gifts at their store. I cannot give you the locations because they change every day. Just go there often and find the gift boxes all over their store. I will show you what I got today !!

Someone (sorry...I forgot the name..) told me Furore had some great hunt gifts at their store. I blogged them before but not these gifts ! Thank you stranger for your tip. The top hunt gift is from the Born this way hunt (find the black shield with a white horse on it...hint: look for the girl with the mouse ears)

And this second hunt gift is from the TOTATF hunt (find the goldfish).
This lovely dress is a gift from the lucky board at [AV] (Awram Vie). Takes a while but your letter will come up :)
And Colour du Tout has some really special freebies but it is kinda hard to get them. You have to join the group, then click the group board to get a hud. Wear the hud and you will get the dresses below and the lovely necklaces too :)

Last one for today: the great shoes by Tara from their midnight mania board :)

That was it for today ladies! HAPPY SHOPPING !!

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