Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gowns :)

Let me start today with the LOVELY free July gown at Sascha's design. If you join her group (50 L$ fee) you get a free gown or dress each month and you also get all previous monthly dresses...what a deal is that !

The next gown is a gift by Azul for the birthday of Franks. So if you have a dance coming up...this might be the gown to wear!

This next lovely gown is by Cilian'gel and it comes with 2 skirts. They go with the same top. The free bag is on the little table in the shop.

Another lovely gown is this blue one by Piece of Mind. It comes with a skin and lovely make-up. It is from their Midnight Mania board ladies.

This gown is by House of Beningburrough and it is their freebie for this week. I love the azure color :)

House of Beningburrough also has a very cute cocktail dress for free in aubergine. Elegant and sexy.

Those are the gowns I found ladies, and to go with them I will show you some lovely shoes. They are from the lucky boards at Babymonkey.

And these great sexy shoes go with a gown as well as with a sexy bikini. They are a gift by Toxic.

I bet you like to wear jewelry with your gown and this Pink Lemonade set is from the Midnight Mania board at Dryad. The board has a target of 0/40 so get your friends in, take a look at all the lovely designs at Dryad and click the MM board.

And going out in style requires a lovely hairdo. How about this free one by Damselfly? It comes in soooooooooooooo many colors...I couldn't chose...I am showing you just a few colors.

More free hair can be found at the lucky chairs at !Diva. Be patient, your letter will come up soon :)

Or you can go to the HAIRFAIR and have a look at the new hairstyles by ChiChickie. WOW I love the one which is breaded...not free though ladies BUT 25% of the price of the hair goes to Wigs for Kids !

What did I forget? MAKE UP !! Ofcourse !!! Glamorize has the most lovely make up girls, I got some free make up sets from their Midnight Mania board, and from their lucky board I got 5 lovely shades of lipstick.


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