Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More skins, hair and some group gifts

I found some more skins and I didn't want to withold them from you, so the hairfair has to wait. The Hairfair runs till 15th of July so you have plenty of time to go there.
These great skins are an opening gift by Galaxy Rise. They have opened a new shop and BOY do they have great skins !
Judge for yourself ladies, even a shape is included in this great gift.

More skins are by Rush Lush. There are 3 bags on the floor with free skins.

Then MunSpain has a new gift at their store. It is a 4th of July gift, a shirt, but it also includes a GREAT skin.

Be Happy gives all their group members this GREAT lingerie ste. WOW it is amazing...and not to miss ladies :)

And this lovely top is a new group gift by Censored. Join the group and it is yours :)

And this lovely elegant dress is a subscribo group gift by House of Xevion.

The next group gift is by Silhouette. Join the LOW  group and you can get it at the Silhoutte store.

And this group gift is by SLC. I love this elegant summer dress...perfect for shopping :)

You can get these GREAT disco boots at Janae Fancies. They gave the lovely 4th of July boots and now these ones too..wow...thank you so much Janae !
Wildz Creations has a birthday hunt going on but you have to be FAST because today is the last day. You can find all items below IF you find the 19 candles all over the store (they are easy to find...) Each time you have to find 2 of the same color to complete the shoes.

AE doesn't only give away the greatest skins, they alos give away HAIR.

Last one for today is the new hair by Alli & Ali. They have new group gifts at the main store. Just showing you the female gift.

They alos have new voting gifts at the main store.
And these ones are offers on Marketplace. The first one is Branwen, beautiful long curly hair with highlights.

Also on Marketplace is Brooke. I love the white part in the hair :)

And the last one I am showing you from Marketplace is Marlene, lovely round curls. Look in the Alli & Ali store on Marketplace, there are many more gifts to find there.


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