Thursday, July 21, 2011

More summer hunting and skins (yes again) and some elegant gowns (RP)

The Summer Seasons hunt (find the shark) is really inspiring, you get so many very nice presents that it is really addictive. Too bad I couldn;t find any hints, so it is a bit of work to find these lovely presents. THANK YOU to all generous designers :)
This very cool scooter makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in her movie Roman Holiday :) HOw much summer can you get? The cute tankini is by Fri*day and the scooter with many poses (also for 2 riders) is by PDA.
PDA also includes a summer flush in their gift. WOW amazing. The cute hoops in silver or gold are a gift at Caroline's jewelry (not from the hunt, just a gift box)

The next sexy batik bikini is by Doppelganger and it is a gift in the SSH (find the shark. Makes me wanna go swimming or lounging at the pool !
This bikini comes in several colors and it is a new release by Censored. The hat comes with the bikini. And the cute poses are by Wet Cat. BOTH NOT FREE !
Censored also has a new Gatcha machine, put 10 L$ inside and you get a very nice lipstick (10 shades available)

More from the Seasons Hunt: This sexy short dress is the gift you find inside the shark at Paper Doll.
And if you are asking yourself why I turned blond: that hair is the gift at RAW house. WOW I love it, really summer hair...find the shark to be as blond as me :)

More hair is hidden inside the shark can be found at Plume. A lovely updo with a flower which is color change. LOVE it. Keeps you cool in summer.
And Shag also has hair for us ladies. With summer butterflies and a band which can be changed in color. So the hair fits all your outfits :) You have to find the shark to wear it...
I am wearing the necklace and earrings set by Mood with this hair ladies. Find the tray withthe waiter because this set is a gift in the TOSL hunt.

Yes I did find freebies that are NOT from the SSH. Like this lovely summer outfit by Likka House. It is from their lucky board and maybe you have to wait a while before your letter comes up but it is totally worth it! With the outfit you also get those lovely flipflops. The hair is older free hair from Alli & Ali.
Likka House also has a camp chair, sit there for 20 minutes (it is next to the lucky board, so why not sit while waiting for your letter).
This skin is the new group gift by Al Vulo (joining is free) and it is perfect for summer (though a bit too dark for me)
And these skins are a gift in the (yes again) summer season hunt. Find the shark at Addict. They come with and without cleavage and with dark and light eyebrows. I have been wearing these skins the last days on my blog because I really like them a lot and they are perfect for summer.
These next skins are from a new skin store/designer and the shop is called Devine Perfection. These skins are NOT FREE, but there are group gifts at the store ( I blogged them before). I just wanted to show you that their skins are really good :) They come with many many make-up options.
The next outfit is by Crave. They have a lamp with a genie in store and when you rub it someone in the store gets a choice of 3 wishes. And YAY genie loves me..she granted me 3 wishes twice !

The 20th of July the Make Him Over Hunt started (for guys) and this is the gift that is hidden in the international male symbol at Arnadi. Find it and it is yours :)
The last store for today is Creative Chaos. They mainly have role playing gowns and dresses and silks. There are 2 freebies at their store and a midnight mania board and several dollarbies (1 L$). Below is what I got there.


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