Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey Soul sister...

OK this title is just there because I was singing this song all afternoon..Hey soul sister...while I was working on this blog. And now it will be in your head too :)

Purple Moon ladies has a GREAT hunt dress. You have to be in the Purple Moon group (not free) and you have to find 19 trophees all around their sim 9which are tiny), but then OH get all, shoes, jewelry, nails, shoes included. A-MA-ZING !!

Purple Moon also has a raffle at their store and I was so lucky to win this great necklace :)
And the lovely skin is a freebie too, but not from Purple Moon. It is a group gift at the Modavia sim by Glam Affair...(joining group is free and really I DO need 100 groups at least).
I am wearing this skin with a new release by Graffiti wear, their summer suit. It is a lovely design (not free). The hair (by KMH) I am wearing and the necklace/brooch (by Chocolat Atelier) and the bag (by Tou Fromc) are from the Twinkle Night Bazaar. The bag is 1L$, the rest is free :)
The fan in the next picture is also from the Twinkle Night Bazaar and it is by Oberons Trick. It is animated.
This great necklace is from Marketplace and it is by Lazuri and it is free. It is  color change, click it to get a menu. The earrings come with it.
The cute hair with hat gives me a really summer feeling and I craved for an ice cream. Good thing I<3Fashion is giving one away as a group gift for this month :)
More items from Graffiti wear. They have a lucky board at their store and if your letter comes up you will get this great teal outfit, top and skirt.
Their group gift is even, wearing this I feel like going shopping in Paris :)

And their unlucky dip makes you feel very lucky if you get this great pair of pants. I am wearing it with another new release by Graffiti Wear, croched vests (not free).

The next outfit and shoes are a group gift by Sabbia.

Over to something quite different. BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) has a GREAT group gift in store.
I am not into Neko but hey...if you leave out the ears and the tail it is absolutely very wearable for non Neko's :) (the small booties by BabyMonkey)

BDR also has reached the 8000 members and is giving this next very sexy outfit away to all group members. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you BDR :)

Last ones for today are these lovely dresses I found on Marketplace. They are by Arya Boutique. You can find the black cocktail dress HERE.

You can find the red dotted dress HERE.

You can find this lovely summer dress with hat HERE.


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