Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sturdy as she goes...

Inspiring song, but not STURDY as she is called Steady as she goes and you can listen to it here.It inspired me to make a sturdy blog today : (and tomorrow as I found too many items for one blog).

Inspiring was my visit to Bitch Tail. They have Neko stuff but also very wearable without the ears and tail :)
There are plenty lucky chairs but on the right side of the chairs you get loads of (previous hunt) gifts. And there is a Midnight Mania board too.
The HAIR is called Hungover and you find it on Marketplace. It is by Creatives.

Oh my that almost filled my whole blog. But I will throw in a few more goodies. These next items are group gifts by Bubblez design (joining is free). They also have lots of lucky boards (also group needed).
From the LB I got the powder puff animation, wearing in the next pic. The dress is a group gift.

And just for the ladies that really don't like sturdy: This lovely gown is a gift at the MM board at Morea. Go get your friends and click ! It is a lovely gown :)

These skins are a subscribio gift at DP skins. They also have a few new relases, which I am showing you BELOW the 2 subscribo gifts. Those are NOT free !
The earrings are a group gift by DP.

And these skins and shape are a gift in the Cupcake Hunt at Faces Studio. Find the cupcake and they are yours :)
And this skin is a dollarbie (1 L$) at Pinkie ...called Vanessa skin :)


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