Friday, July 22, 2011

Some days are just BLACK. PART 1.

Sometimes you want to wear bright colors, sometimes you want to wear pastels or nature colors, but some days are just BLACK.
Depending on your mood is it sad black or elegant black or very sexy black.
So I am going to provide you with loads of clothes to wear on your black days.

The first dress is a very elegant sexy tight dress with a red rose on the hips. It is by BDR and I found it HERE. And ladies we all know: no one can do without that little black dress :)
Another very sexy dress is this one with the lovely heart neckline. Shows your boobies in a very sexy way. It is by ChatNeige. Its 1 L$.
The boots I am wearing with the dress are by Koko. They are 5 L$ but it's a steal for such lovely booties :)
Another great find is this short dress by Jaqueline. So sexy and it goed perfect with your black mood.

Or you can decide to get this ripped mini dress by Endeed for 1 L$
I found the next outfit at Tuty's. Wearing ti again with the Coco boots. The hair is by M&M and it is called Jade.
Back to the first item, the little black dress. We all need one to to show of our accesoires like necklaces, furs, sexy shoes. This one is by Zibware. The hair is by A&A and it is called Cordillia (NOT FREE)
I found some really nice hair to wear instead of the Cordillia hair, for example this hair by BDR. It is called Yamay.
With the next outfit I am wearing also hair by BDR, called Marianna. Follow the link and you will find a hughe fatpack with BRD har for free. In includes the styles below.
Yamay hair
Marianna hair
Eva Hair
The good thing is: BDR has a FATPACK with a lot of hairstyles for free on Marketplace. Yamay, Eva and Cordelia are in it and many more.

This black and red dress is by Dark Rose and it goed perfect with the BDR hair. OK it is NOT black...but almost :)
I am wearing sexy boots with it which you can find here.
The next outfit is by Crave and it is free. You can find it at the entrance of their store. There is also a lucky lamp with a genie inside and when someone (you) rub it, Genie comes out and grants someone a choice of 3 wishes. Such a nice way to get a new free outfit :) Boots come with the outfit.
Another great pair of pants are these Dingo pants. I styled them with great tops (and very sexy too) which I found at C.E. They will cost you 1 L$ and you get all 3.

Another sexy pants set is this one by Choco Vanille. It costs you also 1 L$ but it is great to wear!

This outfit is by CD and it is a mini skirt with a striped top. It will set you back 1 L$. And the free boots go GREAT with it don't you think?
This cute black dress is called Whatever dress and you can wear it with or without a skirt. It is by HB and it will cost you 1 L$.
And the last one for today is a sexy NOT black but white dress. I love the lacy texture. And it is nice to end a black day in white :) It is by Yonayla.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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