Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hunting in summer leads to a green blog.

There are so many hunts going on in SL and you get so many nice presents from the designers that I couldn't resist to just hunt a bit. It is summer in the Netherlands but it has been raining for hunting is the perfect way to forget about the bad weather.
This first very special outfit is from the Scavenger hunt. You get a message from a shop (if you are in their group) or you just stumble over a sign that tells you the store is participating in the Scavenger hunt. You find one regular item in the store that is marked down to 1 L$ and inside it besides the item a gift in the Scavenger hunt. You will also find a note with a new landmark inside the gift.

I found this leaf outfit for 1 L$ at Guilded. You can see the gift inside this 1 L$ item below, cute hats :)

More from the Scavenger hunt...these lovely skirts are the 1 L$ item at Kids Asia. The gift inside the 1 L$ item is this lovely turquoise top. The tank I am wearing with the skirt is a freebie in all colors by Jane. The necklace is an older group gift by JE Republic.

And Babycakes is also participating in the Scavenger hunt. You buy this cute green tee for 1 L$ and you will find the backpack as a gift inside :)

Last one for today from the Scavenger hunt is by American Bazaar. You buy the lovely bow belt and YAY you get the sexy top and skirt as a present.

Over to the Poupee hunt. If you find the doll (the item in this hunt) at Accesoires Bone & Yoyo you get these lovely flats in green with a white flower on them.

Somehow I stumbled over a lot of green things today...this next one is also green with a bit of red. Lovely socks are hidden inside the doll at Loverne.

Miseria has hidden 3 lovely tops inside their doll...and yes, one of them is green :)

Somewhat seagreen are the cute panties you get with the outfit from the Poupee hunt at Honey Kitty :) Find the doll ladies :)

And I found this fun headband inside the doll at Spring Field. Happy birthday :)

The next shop I went to put something inside their doll that would be very useful in the Netherlands right now: wellies. Find the doll and they are yours :) And where can you find them? At UFO !

Mother Goose always has beautiful skins and guess what? They hid one of their lovely skins inside the doll of the Poupee hunt !!

I also did a bit of man hunting. NOOO don't get me wrong, I wasn't hunting for a guy. I just visited a few shops that are participating in the Make Him Over Hunt (MHOH). The first one was Dura and they hid this hair inside the international male sign of the MHOH. I am wearing the Mother Goose skin with this hair.

I found more hair in the MHOH at SHAG. Find the international male sign ladies if you want to wear this hair (or take your male friends there). The hair comes in 2 colors and the forelock can be changed into many other colors (not all shown)

The next sweater I found at Sekuella. I love the grey color, fits my mood today :) Also part of the MHOH ladies.
I am wearing the Sekuella sweater with the lovely bracelets in the MHOH at Aidoru.

And believe it or not, this great outfit is actually for GUYS. But I really like it, especially for fall and we all know fall will arrive soon enough (ha ha ha it is summer...but I had to say something here).
You can get it if you find the international male sign at Subversion. Comes with the cute boots (resizable)

These pants are hidden inside the MHOH item at G Series and the top is also from the MHOH but this time at Fuckin Teez. OK I admit, I shouldn't wear this tee...Shoes are by BabyMonkey (new release, not free)

Last one for today...Karmas Creations is giving away this outfit in the MHOH and the male boots are also from the MHOH and they are hidden inside the international male symbol at Kamrek.


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