Friday, July 15, 2011

Sturdy as she goes part 2

So here is the rest of the sturdy stuff I found for you all over SL or on Marketplace :)
I stood at the lucky chairs at AdN for a while, but it seems they put only O Q Z U in the chairs and no R. Good thing they also have questionmark boards or I would have had nothing to blog !!!
The boots, jewelry and all I am showing is included, except on the Red Furry and Brown pictures, those boots are by BabyMonkey.

More sturdy stuff...these cute hairdo's which you can wear with or without braided tails are by Secrets Hair and they are a group gift. You get ALL colors not only the ones I am showning. Thanks Lola for pointing it out to me :)
Lola also told me Seldom Blue has a new dollarbie (1 L$) and yes she was right! You can get these GREAT color change sandals there for just 1 L$ !
And these study yet sexy boots are from the Midnight Mania board at Bootgasm. They also have 4 lucky chairs but I wasn't that lucky :( Letters change every 30 minutes !
I found some more very sexy boots on Marketplace. They are by Bodymix and they are free.
I found some really sturdy outfits on Marketplace which I want to show you. Starting with this great top by AMKR-Boro, it is not free (5 L$) but I thought it would fit nicely in this blog :) Also a tip by Lola :) HUGS and thank you.
I am wearing this top with the leather pants from the next outfit. It is called Gothic Wildchild and it is by Costume Creations. Comes with the hat and shoes and hair.
Another pants and top set is by Casa Diabolica. Great leather set.
I found one more strudry yest sexy and very wearable set which is by Lotus Noir. The outfit is called Charlie so I guess it is for guys :)
A dress can be sturdy too, and I think this next one is... it is by H&H and it is a great sexy black dress. Costs you 1 L$ though ladies to wear it.

Another very sexy dress which for a change is NOT black is this yellow dress by LF design.
And this Lolita dress is by Black Arts. Seems most sturdy outfits are black or grey :) at least this one has some red in it :)
Curious Kitties is always good for GREAT items and they have this cute little black dress on their Marketplace site.  Take a good look around on their Marketplace shop, they have many freebies.
This lovely gown is the last item for today ladies. It is by Black Opal design and you can wear it as a long gown version but also as a sexy short dress.


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