Saturday, July 23, 2011

More days in black part II

I actually found so many black outfits, shoes, hair and stuff that I couldn't put it all in ONE blog. So now the rest is due :)
I will first show you all the black hair I am wearing.
The first one is by A&A and it is called Cookie. It is NOT free but I found similar hair which is free, you have to recolor it yourself though. That hair is called Branwen.
The next one is called Barbara and it is by Edelstore.
More hair from Edelstore, this one is called SiBila.
And this hair is also by Edelstore and called Milva.
Then I got hair from Govil, called Leo (no clue why?).

And now over to the outfits. Oh no, I forgot a hairdo...this one is by BDR and it comes in a hughe fatpack with lots of different hairstyles and it is called Antonella. The outfit I am wearing on the pic is by Anakin Sahara and it comes with a sexy tattoo.

Yet another hairdo...this one is by Edelstore and it is called Genie. With this lovely hairdo I am wearing a super necklace from The Bird Next Door. It is a little birdcage...but so well made ! I paid 5 L$ for it. 

More sexy stuff? OK...lets see what I got...This set is sexy too. It is by Rock me Amadeus and it is a dollarbie (1 L$)

This lovely top is a gift on the MM boards at Grumble. They have many midnight mania boards and also a lot of mini mamia boards to click AND lucky chairs. Heaven !
This very cute zebra dress is by BDR and it is free. You can wear it as a high skirt or sexy mini. The hair is also from BDR (get the fatpack, blogged above)

Another very cute outfit in almost black is also by BDR. The skirt comes with MANY tops. But you can wear it in all black :)
This outfit is by Sintimacy. It is called Let it Rock. And I am wearing the boots by Koko with the outfit ( 5 L$). The hair is called Jade.

This more elegant set, pants with a very elegant top called Honey is perfect to go shopping with your friends. Or just relax at home. The hair is called Sarena and it is by Edelstore.
I love to wear dresses and skirts and I found quite a few in black. The skirt I am wearing is by Curious Kitties, the top is by 7Style.
I styled the Curious Kitties skirt also with the black Broken Tees.
And this dress has, even though it is black, a spring feel to it. Can you see me having a coffee, watching people go by? The dress is by FA design. The boots can be found HERE.
The next dress is by L'Esprit and it is a very elegant dress, with silver trimming. The dress is called Mara and you have to pay 1 L$ to look just as elegant as I am looking :)
OK we ALL need a little black dress don't we? And guess what? I found TWO.
The first one is called Secret desires and it is a latex dress, so not really a simple little black dress....(1 L$)
The next little black dress is by Zibware. I styled it with lovely black pearls set I found. They are by Suffa and the designer put them up for free because they were copybotted. How sad is that? Stealing is never a good thing...
The pearls are great, and I hope the designer will soon make new sets :)
OK a gown and shoes to end this blog and end my black days (I hope).
The first gown is a gothic gown and it is by Sandra Karen. The gown is called Anna. The jewelry is included.
The shoes I am wearing with most of the dresses are by Babymonkey, but this time I also found some great shoes by VDL.
And the last thing for this blog are the shoes by Patula (1 L$). Perfect for summer dresses or elegant gowns.

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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