Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally SUMMER

Today was a beautiful day, so I want to make a blog that gives you all a really summer feeling. Let me know if I succeeded :)
This very very elegant gown is the newest group gift by GIZZA. They are celebrating their first aniversary, CONGRATULATIONS Gizza, and thank you for the lovely gown. The detailing is absolutely marvelous.

The next gown is by Curious Kitties and it is also amazing. It is a really special gown, not everyone will like it, but you sure will stand out in a busy ballroom :) The gown is 1 L$.

Curious Kitties also has another freebie at their store, this great hair.

I am wearing the Curious Kitties hair with the freebies I got at Furore. The black dress is from their Midnight Mania board.

Furore is also participating in the SSH (Sexy Summer Hunt). You have to find a small black and white flipflop and this outfit is yours :)
And EVAKI is also participating in thei SSH hunt, find the flipflop ladies to get this great bathing suit AND the surf board too :)

EVAKI also has a Midnight Mania board at their store. Click it, get your friends to click it too, and if it locks you get this lovely gown :)

If you click the subscribo at EVAKI you get their July gift. And that REALLY gave me a summer feeling, waiting on the airport for the plain, or on the railway station for the train, or on the bus station for the bus...the suitcases with poses is included, so are the sandals and the outfit.

HerBerry is also participating in the SSH hunt (find the flipflop). If you find it you get this lovely summer dress :) It has 3 different skirt options so it fits every occasion.

HerBerry is a participant in the Birthday Party hunt (find the birthday party HAT). Oh I love this dress. Doesn't it make you want to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY???

And HerBerry has a lovely new July gift at their store too. So it really is worth to get over there and have a look.

The next great dress is the new group gift by BLISS Couture. Wow that is a summer dress which will look GREAT on every one ladies, so well made and the patern is lovely.

OK mare summer stuff. What is more summer than a bikini or a bathing suit? So ..this ver sexy bikini is the gift in the SSH hunt (find the flipflop) at Legal Insanity.

The next bikini is a gift also in the SSH hunt (find the flipflop) and it is by Reila skins & Fashion. WOW this is one amazing bikini, I simply love it.

Grumble also has a great bikini as a gift but this one is from the PPH hunt. You have to find a red heart to get it.

But Grumble is also participating in the SSH hunt (find the flipflop) and if you find that hunt item you get the great glasses which I am wearing with the next item from the SSH hunt, a sexy short beach dress by Hellershanks :)

Grumble has lots of Midnight Mania boards (some are group only) and many many Mini Mania boards. I got a few storecards from their boards, but also these LOVELY shoes. Nails and skin can be changed with a hud.

If you are wearing a bikini and you are suntanning you want to get a lovely tanned skin. This one is the group gift by Katcide, a new skins store. They are closely working together with Acide.

And the last one for today ladies...a lovely new group gift by Urban Girls. It is a sexy elegant dress, perfect for drinks in the evening after a day at the beach. You can show of your nice tan and long legs. Join the group and check notices.


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