Friday, July 8, 2011

Hair Fair part 3 THE END.

This is the LAST part of the HAIR FAIR 2011 ladies. Same as yesterday I will just give you the name of the shop and the link and a pic of the gift at the store at the Hair Fair.

BC322. (costs 1 L$)

Hair Studio One. (costs 1 L$)

Split ends.


Simply Britney.

Fiction & Chaos (F@C)

Haunted ZuZu. (costs 1 L$)

Iren. (hair not included)


Hair style Frieda.

Rezipsa Loc. (costs 1 L$ each)

SYDS. (costs 1 L$)

Vanity Hair. (costs 1 L$)

Sparkle. (costs 1 L$)

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