Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th of July all USA readers:)I bet that you all are wondering why I titeled this blog SKINS and I start with CLOTHES? Well the clothes are a group gift by Bellissima, and they come with a skin :)
 And I couldn't resist to put these cute boots on my blog, they are a 4th of July gift by Janeas Fancies.

Now over to the skins. LaVie has a great new group gift for all group members. There is also a male version.

Another very nice skin is the one AE gives out if you are a member of the LOW group.

Miss Murder has a whole lot of skins at their outlet..and they are very good skins too :)
I am showing you just a few I got, but there are a LOT on the floor and in boxes.
AUBREY skins
Dancing Queen
Pretty in Pink

Birthday Bliss
Asian Cutie
Asian beauty

Foreign skins
Poison Ivy

Space Cake

Kyra skins

New Feathers
Purely Dead

Candy skins
The next skins are by JeSyLiLo and they are a new release (so NOT free). They are called Mona and I must say they are LOVELY. They come in all skin tones.

The next skin is by Mamboo chick and it is a group gift.
Another great skin is the June group gift by Peception Angel. It also includes a tattoo.
Perception also has a lucky board and the lower skin is a gift from their board.

Bare Sensual also has some great new skins. They are NOT FREE though, but as you can see they brought out a drow skin too.
Cupcakes has this great skin on their Midnight Mania board and it comes with a smaller, medium and big cleavage.
The next skins was found on Marketplace and it is called Sandra. The shop is called Garage.
Mother Goose 's is ALWAYS good for some really nice skins. Their lucky boards are chamging fast (3 minutes) and there are so many that you will get a LOT of skins there.

Faces Studio has the greatest skins and they give one away on their Midnight Mania board.
The next skins is by SYS on tne Avenue sim. You have to be in the group to get this Candy skin :)
At the HAIR FAIR (I promise to blog the hair tomorrow) I found a few skins too. This one is by Ploom
And this one is by Rosy Mood. It comes with a whole package of stuff. And this whole box costs you 1 L$.
The last skin for today I found at the Truth District and it was a gift by Curio. If you are in the TRUTH group you can also check past notices to get it.


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