Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SUMMER finally summer (and the summer seasons hunt)

I kept smiling while taking pics of the freebies I found this time, because they all are really summer items and colors. I found a few items from the Summer Season hunt (find the shark).But I will start with this gorgious fun dress from the Cupcakes War hunt (find the cupcake). This dress is by BRAT, the cupcake-in-mouth is by Atooly and the poses and cupcakes and plate are by Tiny spaces.
Aren't they FUN?

These are the cupcakes-in-mouth by Atooly.
Brat also has a lucky cupcake and YAY I got a lovely summer dress :)
These very cute summer skirts are by Glad Rags. You get 16 colors, believe it or not, for 1 L$.
More 1 L$ items from Glad Rags...YES these cute booties come in many colors (I just got 2) and each pair is 1 L$.
The tall boots also come in all colors, also 1 L$ per pair.
And these cute peeptoes were rather expensive (NOT). I paid 5 L$ for them and you can get all colors you like.
Last but not least: these Uggs in all colors are also 1 L$ per pair at Glad Rags.
These very sexy shoes are from the Midnight Mania board at Araya. I love the silk wrappings around the ankles :)
And theze cute boat shoes are a gift in the Summer Seasons hunt. Find the shark at Fir & MNA and they are yours :)
More from the Summer Seasons hunt: These sexy white pants are the SSH gift at Kyoot. You get white pants with pink, yellow and blue trimmings :) The top I am wearing with these pants is from the gift at Tres Blah (blogged below). The bracelets are by Glow Studios and the cute bag is by Berries. Last but not least: the funny shoes are by Fierce design, a new release. They come with different hand poses on them, I chose the Rock and Roll one. They are NOT FREE !

And this is the outfit I got in the Seasons Hunt at Tres Blah ladies...comes with the sunburn and the sunscreen.
I styled the Kyoot pants also with the top from Ingenue (also from the sharks mouth...careful, some bite) and with the lovely jewel set from DUH (yes again from the Summer Seasons hunt, find the shark).
And I also styled them with the top from the elegant yellow dress, which is inside the shark at Vive 9. With this outfit I am wearing the sun pouch from Ohmai (find the shark) and withthe lovely necklace by Caroline's. Also a gift in the Summer Seasons hunt.
The dress is GREAT ladies, very much summer, I love the color. Find it at Vive 9, in the sharks belly.
The top from the Vive 9 dress also goes great with the very cute shorts by The Secret Store. The bag is by Berries. All from the Seasons hunt. The shorts come in 2 colors. Necklace, earrings and bracelet are by DUH, also from the SSH.
And the top also goes GREAT with the skirt I found inside the shark at SMS (So many styles).  Which is also the last itme I will blog today. More tomorrow girls :)

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